Chapter: 74

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Mom: now please close your eyes.

You slapped your mother her hand away from you.

Y/N: what do you think your doing?

Mom: please Y/N... let me do this..

You felt something grow on your back...

As if a pair of wings was forming..

It was a burning pain but for some reason your body didn't react at it.

You had control of your own body and mind... but for some reason you spoke everything out.

The wings you felt on your back brought you up in the air.

At least 5 meters above the ground and your mother.

Mom: Y/N get down here now! You cant control it!

Y/N: and what do you want to do? Take this power away? Make it your own too?

Mom: thats not what i meant!

Y/N: your no different from dad.

She didn't look happy with what you said.

Mom: Take that back now!

Y/N: *thinks* what is happening with me?

You saw your mom yell beneath.

Y/N: *sighs* such a pain.
Shame on you |(3)|
          Jin pov

We were all stuck in the cell all the way at the bottom of the castle.

The maknae's tried to break the cell open the whole time.. with no result.

Namjoon was trying to think how they could get out.

And J-Hope and suga.. well J-Hope was so scared he just decided to keep Suga close to him at all times.

And i?

Just lost in thoughts...

You heard the cage door rattle and i saw Jungkook punching it with his bare hands.

He kept punching and pushing but it didn't move.

He punched it one last time with both his hands.

Jungkook: DAMN!

Jin: Jungkook calm down.

Jimin: how many times do you want to repeat the same thing hyung?!

Jin: its not gonna help us getting out okay!

Rm: guys calm down! We cant do anything now okay!

Rm: we wont be getting out any time soon.

Then all of a sudden we heard a door open.

We heard rattling of some metal... keys?

A dark figure stood in front of the cell and unlocked the door.

As soon as it opened the person who opened it fell to the ground.

We all got out in a hurry and ran to the stairs.

When they all were up the stairs i looked at the person on the ground.

When they all were up the stairs i looked at the person on the ground

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Jin: Jinyoung!

I carefully tried to wake him up.

Jin: what happened?!

He didn't open his eyes but he spoke very faint.

Jinyoung: its.. Y/N... she's out of...control..

Jinyoung: you... have to.. be careful..

Jin: what happened to your master?

Jinyoung: Gehan..

He spitted out some blood.

Jinyoung: is gone...

Jin: where to?!

Jinyoung didnt react.

He probably passed out from blood loss.. (yes that can also happen to vampires)

I slowly lay him down again and walk up the stairs closing the door behind me.

I walked up the stairs..

It was a little too quiet...

When i got up the stairs i searched for where the others went.

At the end of the hall i saw a giant door and it looked like that leaded to the throne room.

I peaked inside and yep i was right.

I walked inside and i saw the others.

They were standing and just watching what was going on in front of them.

I looked at where they were looking.

I saw Y/N and...

Someone I hadn't seen in a long time..

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