Chapter: 13

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You had dinner with all of them.

You already had finished your meal but the whole table was waiting for Jungkook to finish.

Jin: Jungkook please eat a little faster, we're all waiting for you.

Suga: yeah hurry up I wanna sleep.

Jungkook: shut up! I eat as fast as I like so deal with it.

Jimin: if you only could've eat as fast as you drink blood.

Jimin and a few of the rest laughed.

Jungkook: are you saying I need to drink blood?

He looked at Jimin and then glared at you.

Jimin looked also at you and then back to Jungkook.

Jimin: no that's not what I meant.

Jungkook: ow I thought for a sec that you would also like a sip~

Jimin: -_-

Jin: Jungkook, Jimin stop it.

Jungkook finally finished his meal.

You and J-Hope walked off to a room.

It was a room with giant sofa and a giant tv.

J-Hope: So whatcha wanna watch?

Y/N: I doesn't really matter for me.

J-Hope: a horror movie maybe?

You had never watched a horror movie before so you didn't know what it was.

Y/N: yeah sure.

You sat down on the sofa and J-Hope grabbed a disc box.

When the movie started, J-Hope sat down next to you.

The title was on the screen.

Y/N:  IT??


J-Hope: yeah have you never heard of it before?

Y/N: no not really.

You watched the movie but you got scared of the beginning scene.

(For the people who don't know a little kid gets dragged into the sewer by a clown or something like that)

You heard the door of the room open and it startled you a bit.

V: oeh movie night?
Jimin: can we join?

J-Hope: yeah fine by me.

J-Hope: where is Jungkook?

V: he is gaming in his room, the usual.

J-Hope: mm okay.

Jimin and V sat also down on the sofa.

(Author: you all better leave Y/N alone or I'll kill you!!!)

J-Hope: I'll go get some snacks and drinks.

J-Hope: what do you all wanna drink?

V: cola.
Jimin: also cola.

Y/N: (a drink u like).

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