Bonus chapter

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Hey guys ! I am finally back with a bonus chapter .I hope you all are happy and healthy in your homes. I am finally done with my finals and thought of updating .so here it is ....

Amelia's POV

"Wake up ! Momma wake up !! " Seriously this world has more enemies of my sleep than stars in the sky .

It was still 6 when I was woken up by my little monster in the morning ,I rubbed my eyes to clear the sleep away.

" You are my son ! You are not supposed to be waking up so early !! " I grumbled on my son who grinned ear to ear in response making me smile too

He is just too cute

My smile was intruppted by a laugh from my dear husband , might I add a melodious laugh.

" What so funny ? " I raised my brow at him

" Nothing ! It's just that's been so long and you still get cranky when someone wakes you up ! "

" So what ?I love my beauty sleep ....and I wasn't being cranky !! " I retorted back.

" Sure !...and to answer your presumption about jake waking up early is maybe because he has my genes too ! " He replied with a smirk.

" Yeah ! Damn you and your genes! "I grumbled under my breath but i guess it was loud enough for Sam to hear it making him laugh again.

Before I could say anything my cute little bundle of joy intruppted me with " Momma can be go to pick Alish , she iz coming for shleep ober to-day"
So thats the reason for him being so excited this early in the morning

" Yes baby ! We can but remember uncle Ethan said he will drop her I think we can just wait till they get here ! "

He pouted but nodded nonetheless .

Alice and Jake have been inseparable ever since I can remember .They have this great bond .

Actually Jenna's dad is little sick so they both are flying to meet him and would be back within two days and as Alice like it better here than in London so she is staying with us. Mom and dad are on there world toor with mumma and papa. dad retired about a year ago and handed over his responsibilities to Ethan but I still have 46% shares .

On the other hand papa also retired about almost the same time and then after Being bored for 2 months at home , they decided to go on a world toor .

" Hey babe ! I am heading down to my office I've a video conference ....will be free before breakfast " Sam said as he hurried out of the closet dressed in a suit shirt and trying to knot his tie at the same time .

I frowned at his statement " it's Sunday ! "

" I know , but it's important " he kissed my crown ,did a high-five with Jake and rushed to the office down the hall leaving jake giggling .

" So let's get you ready for breakfast " jake nodded and held my hand all the while smiling showing his teeth .

We headed his his washroom where I made him brush his teeth .while he brushed I prepared a bath for him with some bubbles and his favourite rubber ducks just the way he likes it .

Then while he tried to burst all the bubbles and then he made me soaking wet by splashing most of the water on me. I washed him up and then made him wear his clothes after that he rushed out to play with his favourite iron man toy .

After having a bath I headed down to kitchen where Maria has already prepared the breakfast .
I helped her set the table after which she left.

" Jake ! Jake ! Come on its time for breakfast " I hollered. when I didn't see a sign of him coming .
I headed towards his room and that was the moment when my clumsy skills decided to make there presence known .
In other words I fell not alone but with the vas on the side table which made it fall more dramatic .

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