30. Bored

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Yesterday , I have gone for shopping with my so called husband .

I thought that he'll complain about me roaming around in mall or he'll just sit and let me do my shopping alone ....or maybe drag me back before am done .

But no !
I was wrong .

He didn't do anything like I suppose or have experienced earlier .

Yeah ! Whenever I've gone shopping with my previous boyfriend .

He was your only boyfriend ! My subconsciousness reminds me.

Yeah , yeah ! I know

Whatever ! Where ever I've gone with him , he will mostly just sit at a point and will don't even look at me till am done ....or sometimes he'll drag me back .

I was shocked when he came next day and almost ordered me go for shopping and that too with him .

Liam never agrees for shopping ,even if he does that was because I beg him .

He didn't utter a word as usual but he accompanied me throughout.

It was kinda good !

But why the hell you are comparing him with Liam , my subconsciousness questions me .

Yeah ! Why I am doing this ?!
I don't like him
And i hate Liam .

But I don't hate Mr dumbhead .

I mean , who can hate him .
He is such a greek god .

I just want to piss him that he regrets his decision of this marriage


It was evening and he is at home today because it's weekend.

I get too much bored in this home .
I have nothing to do
I just sprawl at bed or sofa and watch Netflix while stuffing mouth with popcorn .

Well , except planning to irritate my so called husband .

I was in kitchen for some coffee , when I see Mr six pack coming in my way .

I look up at him
" Want something ?! " I ask .

He nodes " coffee "
As he see cattle in my hands .

And suddenly something flashed accross my mind and I offer.

" Wait a minute , I'll make it for you ! "

He nodes and walks out of kitchen

I immediately pour that coffee into a cup and add sugar cube- no not cube I add cubes in that .

Firstly I add four

No it just seems plain

As I remember his words from last night.

Then I add one more

And one more

One more

And then may be one more

So to be exact I add eight sugar cubes in his coffee.
Which is not a coffee by now .this has been turned into a sugar syrup.

I smile at myself .

Then I walk to his study and hand him over his coffee slash sugar syrup.

He mutters a thanks .

I smile " your welcome "

I was about to turn but I stopped when I see him taking that coffee mug to his lips

I watch his expression changes from normal to irritated and maybe pissed.

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