4. Night Party

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Last night was so good yet tiring .Last night we all went to dinner with knights family .

Well, can't say family though !
I heard , they have a son but he was busy in work, so he passed

Well , I don't care !!
What I care about was , uncle Logan and Auntie Grace were so caring and loving

My mom and auntie Grace were high school friends . And on the other had dad and uncle .
So in a way , it was a reunion of long lost friends

But I enjoyed it .
They told us about their friendship and their school times .

Mom told me that auntie Grace loved me alot from my birth .
She hated to leave back then , if it was for her , she would have taken me with her .

And did I forget to tell you all that , they are going to do business together .

It will benefit , both the companies and definately their will be high increase in the shares of both the companies .

This is going to be a great deal .





Urgh!! My alarm !

Groaning loudly , I got up , get a hold of my alarm clock beside my bed ,turned the loud irritating thing off , in my half asleep state I put that irritating thing  that is one of my biggest enemy back on the table , but something seemed to be wrong

Crack !!

it made a loud noise

I quickly sit up only to see my poor enemy shattered on the floor

I feel bad for that poor thing , even though it was the first enemy of my sleep


I have done these kinda things alot of time, so it's normal for me

Its been quite a time , I should be out of my baby by now or else I would be late for office.

I put my foot down on the floor only to realise that I am still wrapped in that deathtrap , that seemed to be a warm blanket only a while ago

And this cause me meet my favourite floor

its has been quite a long time !!

So hello !! My not so dear floor , did you miss me ??

Ofcourse you did !

That's the reason , I am in this condition right now .

Dont be surprised hah ! Its normal for me .

Did I forgot to mention that I am a little clumsy ? !

Okay ! Not a little . May be more than little

And my subconsciousness yells at me reminding me to of reality
' What do you mean by just a little , You are the most clumsy thing I've seen ever !! '

I roll my eyes at my subconsciousness and tried to get up and on the exact time my mom and brother get in my room opening the door wide open !!

Can this day be any more interesting !!

As soon they see me they came to me running
They helped me to stand up

And here goes my mom  " Amy !! How many times I have to told you , be careful , what if you have hurt yourself ?...huh! "

I was about to answer when Ethan butted in " mom ! You know , how clumsy she is !! " he said while smirking at me

My mom glare at him

I ignored Ethan and answer mom
" mom I was a little sleepy  ! I'll be careful next time "

She smiled at me and " go freshen up ! Breakfast is ready "

I smiled , she pecked my forehead and leave

I looked over my brother , he was looking at my room carefully rather staring at the mess that I just created .

I snap at him " what ?"

And that made him burst in to a fit of laughter
I roll my eyes at him

He started " I was just wondering Amy !! How come you were in that position "

I frown

" I mean, I didn't get it how you came in the position where you legs were still wrapped in the blanket on bed and face on floor , it was quite interesting ,you know ?  would you please enlighten me !! "He explained holding his laugh

I answer him " well , it is inborn talant , not every one have this talent!! " I pass him a fake grin and storm in my washroom

What a wonderful start of a day ! !

I sigh

__ __

__ __

Breakfast was very tasty , but much to my dislike , I didn't have much time to enjoy that .

As I have already wasted alot of my time in morning while showing my most famous clumsiness

__ __

__ __

In office

I was bored to death while reading these never ending files , but I know I have to do this .
I was trying to finish my never ending loads of work
When my big bro enters in my cabin or rather say barge in my cabin and sprawl on my couch as if he owns it .

Well , in a way ...he does

" What is it now ?! " I ask him without moving my eyes from that file ,I gotta finish this today.

" Can't I visit my sweet, loving darling little sister !! "And that made me to avert my eyes to see him making a puppy face

Did I really hear it right ?!
Or is it really high time I visit a doctor to check up ears !!

He is same person who was laughing at my clumsiness a mare hours ago and now he is sugarcoating me ?

Something is fishy !!

" Do you want some brownies with ice cream ?! " He asked out of blue

And I got it

He wants something

A favor to be exact.

So I came to the point directly
" What do you want Big bro ?! "

He smiles at me
" You know me know well " and hug me and I role my eyes at his childishness . he is my big brother yet behaves as younger one

" I want you to , convince no!...not convince !...take Jenna to the party tonight ?! " he says

" What ?! ...which party ?! And you know dad will never allow me to go in a night party ! Never !! " I answer him back

__ __ __ __

__ __ __ __

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