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It's been almost two hours and Brittany is still dozed off because of that shot Liam gave her.

He did that cause she was getting out of control according to him and she would have done something really crazy .

Then Liam also explained that two days ago in a therapy session she agreed that what she she did to me was wrong ,she don't get to make decisions for me and can't put me through anything she wants even if she blames me ,she was getting better but my sudden confrontation may have put her again  deep  in that pit making her hate me more.

According to her therapist , she was weak cause she was always alone and that hurted her in a serious way , she thinks everyone she loves leaves her ....she also suggested to involve Jen in process that would be helpful for her but Brittany didn't wanted that , and after what happened between me and Liam ,jen hated Liam's guts. She only tolerated him for Brittany .

Her doctors said There were two types of cases one where the patient blames his own self for everything and second where the patient finds someone else to blame and in her case it was the later one . And apparently , the someone who was perfect for her to blame was me in her case.

I was restless for all the time she was dozed off but then
Mr Cuddles hugged me and tried to comfort me ,that helped but i was still worried.


After twenty minutes she woke up , and jen hugged her tight.

"I was so scared . I am sorry Brit, I was not there for you when you needed me !!"

" You are right , you were not there for me when I was crying curled on my bed and you were busy having a sleepover with Amy !....but I managed !! "

" Brit I'm so sorry that you were alone when you needed me...I am a terrible sister." She cried

" It's fine Jenna , I am okay now!....that's in the past! " Brittany hugged her back.

She looked at me and shot me a look which I can't understand " you were right I put you through alot , and that wasnt my shot to make but still ..... I just wanted you to feel how does it felt when the you love is snatched away from you .... That pain I felt when my only best friend , my love left me because of you !! And then jen also started drifting away from me because of you !!"she explained everything for what she did all the planning.

" Your love??" I asked confused .

" Yes ! My love and my best friend !! .....I loved Sebastian practically from my diaper days , but he loved you !! ....and one day he told me , he is leaving cause you don't like him .....he was the only one friend I got . Even if I loved him , I was happy for him if he loved you ....but I never wanted him to leave me ....he left ME for YOU !! " She shouted the last part at me.

Now I vaguely remember that guy with blond curly hair and grey eyes , whom I have seen always with Brittany .
I do remember he proposed me one day in the canteen when we just entered high school ,but I turned him down  as I wasn't into him and secondly I thought it was some sort of prank cause he never talked to me ,like ever !
And according to me it was wierd when a guy comes to you and says ' Hi , I want you to be my girlfriend cause I kinda love you !! ' Instead of ' Hello ,how are you or can we become friends?' .

" Brittany I know nothing about Sebastian !....and I really didn't know he was serious and left because of that . I thought that was some sort of prank cause he never talked to me , like not even a 'Hi' ....so it was wierd . I never wanted that to happen !! " I told her everything honestly cause I don't want her to hate me or blame me more.

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