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Third person's POV

Police officer informed Sam that they are tracking the location of that number but it's difficult cause they are not calling but texting .

Somewhere else , Simon was enjoying his revenge , he wanted to distroy Samuel knight in any condition , and the only way possible for him to do that was hurting his wife , to whom he loves to death.

A sinister smile played accross his lips as he entered the room and watched a poor girl reeked with her own blood struggled to get herself free .

He made his own way to her and stopped exactly infront of her , he wanted to see fear in her eyes .he wanted her to beg from him , to suffer as his brother suffered by drowning himself in a pool of drugs....he wanted her beg for mercy and for his life . What he saw in that girl's eyes boiled his blood in anger ...she was glaring at him not caring what he was about to do !

Amy look staight in that devilish eyes , showing that sh is not afraid of him , what could he possibly do to her , he had already done worst fo her tolerance.
He slapped her ,no one ever dare to even lay a finger on her in her entire life ,she was his dad's princes and Sam treated her like a queen . But this man had slapped her and then stabbed her , she thought he would possibly stab her again and will kick her guts , or worse broke her bones , she believed her family would come to rescue her.
She knew deep down that Sam will come for her.

But Simon was getting hard time on making this girl fear from her.without thinking for even a second he kicked continuously on her stomach , smiling to himself when he hears her whimper in pain.

He looked at her to see her looking in his eyes again with tears flowing down her cheeks but she still dared to look staight in his eyes .

He removes a knife from a holster which was resting on his belt , and stabbed her life thigh as she screamed in pain .
Her screamed satisfied his ears and them he saw her eyes closed as continuous tears rain but she looked in his eyes , with a jerk he pulled that knife from her thigh causing blood to gush out and in that process her clothes ripped and her eyes widened in fear .

Simon noticed that fear and he smirked to himself as he was proud of himself to find out her weak point .
He stabbed her thigh again
In the next moment he launched his lips on hers , forcing a kiss on her .

But Amy shooked her face violently trying to remove that disgusting face from hers , he bit her lips to enter but she didn't let him any chance , Amy felt disgusted of herself but she didn't submitted to him , she tried her best to push him off but she was helpless as her hands were tied .

His disgusted hands travelled on her body up and down , Amy felt disgusted of herself as she was not able to do anything to protect her own self , Simon smiled again her lips as he squeezes her breast , Amy screamed as he removes his lips from hers .

" I have thought of doing this when I saw you at last time outside that icecream parlor ....now I know why that asswhole is crazy for you ! You really are a temptation ! " He smirked at her and this time he saw fear in her eyes.

Amy was so scared from that devil standing infront of her right now , she knew that he can do anything for his sich revenge .
She was shaking with fear.

Before Simon could do anything else, that door burst open and a man which stabbed her shoulder earlier came inside in hurry and said " Boss ! There is an emergency ! " With that Simon follows him outside

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