14. Heels

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I was in my room , when Jenna barges in

" So how was your date ! " She ask

" Please Jenna don't ! "

She chuckles
" You know ,you don't have to say that you can simply tell me that you want to keep it private and don't want me to know !! "

What private?!

" Just shut up Jenna !! You know it's not like that ! " I yell back

" Fiesty much !"she murmurs loud enough for me to hear it.
I glare at her when she looks at me and then sighs loudly .

" Okay, on a serious note what happened ?! "

" I'm marring him ! " I whisper

" Oh wow! Congratulations Amy , you don't know how much I am happy for you and I am so exited for your marriage, I knew you would like him in the end ,he is just so hot and handsome ...it's really very difficult to reject him I don't know how you did it ....but now ,I am so excited ,my best friend is getting married and then she will have babies ...dear god ! Your babies , I can't even imagine how beautiful they will be ,I mean you both are so good looking so they will definitely be on the other level ...but lemme tell you something , I will be their God mother and i-" I cut Jenna's meaningless yet over-irritating rambling .god ! I can't imagine she is my best friend , she knows how much I loathe this wedding idea and yet she is planning my super cute and beautiful babies with Mr six packs.
But ,I guess somewhere she is right , they'll be very cute.

What the hell are you even thinking Amy !!

Scratch that I even think about it ever !!!!
Because that ain't gonna happen .

" Stop Jenna ! For God sake just stop making a dream life for me ...and please stop making my imaginary babies !! " I shut her up

" But you just said that you are" she trails off telling me explain my words that she has definitely taken wrong .

" Yes ! I said that because I guess I don't have any other option now ! "

She stares at me confused

" Ironic !! Isn't it ? ...it's my life yet I didn't get a chance to decide ....my dad says I have to marry him and this marriage will only be cancelled if he calls it off, on the other way , he is hell bent to marry me , he accepted this marriage before he even saw me !!...why God !! Why ??....I wonder why the hell he is so desperate to marry a clutz like me !! " I let everything come out of me .

"He agreed for this wedding even before he met you ?! " Jenna questions me shocked .

" Yes ! Now , I know why he was staring at me all the time on breakfast that day !! He knew , about it all and yet that bastard don't even bother to tell me ...hell !he didn't even talked to me " I tell her everything .

" But why  He would do that ?! " Jenna questions .

" I don't know ! He just told me that he has his own reasons " I speak slowly .

" Oh Amy !! Everything is gonna be fine !! " Jenna tries to soothe me

I laugh
" Guess what , Jenna !! I am doomed ! "

____ ____ ____ ____

Few days later

I was standing in front of a mirror , looking at myself , this white gown is surely made for me , I look so good in this but I am no mood for doing any of this .

I was standing in front of a mirror , looking at myself , this white gown is surely made for me , I look so good in this but I am no mood for doing any of this

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I just want to lock myself up in a room to mouron over myself to let everything happens to me

"You look gorgeous Amy ! " Jenna complements me .

I give her a small smile .

She walk to me holding a box in her hands .
Why do I have a feeling that something wrong is gonna happen ?!

Oh wait ?! Is that a footwear box !!

And that look on Jenna's face , it's a hint to me that I should run for myself.

Uh oh ! Too late for that .

Jenna opens that box and comes out a probably 3 inch long pencil like stick on which a very beautiful looking sandles rests .
In other words , deathtrap!!

Other people call this dangerous item high heels, if to be specific pumps .

" No way in the hell , I'm gonna wear that deathtraps ! "I shout at Jenna .

She smiles devilishly at me .

" So what do you expect to me take out for you ?! Sneakers ??! "
She questions

" Yeah ! That would be best ! " I answer taking a sigh of relief .

" In your dreams ! " She mutters .

" Well, in my dreams I don't even go near these kind of dangerous items . infact, they don't even exist in my dreams !! " I answer her back picking the bridal  flowers bouquet .

" Too bad ...they exist in real life ,and you are gonna wear these today !! " She says while making me  turn to her in a nanosecond .

" No! "

" Yes!"

" Jenna ! You know I am like a tumbling ball , I can't even walk properly in flats and you want me to wear  heels that too high heels ! "I snapped at her .

" Yes ! I do want you wear these heels , and you can't walk aisle in sneakers ! " She retorts back .

" And why is that ?! " I question her back while raising my brow.

" Oh come on Amy ! You have to face your fears one day ! Then let it be today and wear this fast , it's about time now !! " She orders me

" I am in no mood to face my fears today ! So bye bye deathtraps !! " I take that heels from her hand and put them back in the box.

" Amy , think of it as a practice ! " She tries to convince me , but it's impossible .

" Practice ?! For what ?? "I question not getting her point .

She gave me deadpanned look
" Obviously for your wedding , dumbo ...you can't wear sneakers beneath your wedding gown ! "

What ?! Were you all thinking, this is my wedding ?! No !

And I am really very thankful for that

But it's Jenna and Ethan's wedding and as I am her bridesmaid so she wants me to wear that deathtraps named as heels and fall face-front infront of everyone that also includes bunch of paparazzi which means I will be in headlines for next few days for entertaining people.

And Why in the bloody hell she has to connect this with my so called wedding .

" And why can't I ?! " I question back .
Offcourse its my wish what I want to wear or not .
Please don't tell me that I can't even decide this .

She takes a deep breath trying to calm down , definately i don't want her to scratch her head now and make a mess of her hairs that hairdresser has taken such a long time to set them up.

" Because a bride is not suppose to wear that ?! Have you ever seen any bride doing that ?! " She questions me .

" Perhaps no ! But that doesn't mean I can't do that ! I mean , someone has to do that lovely task ...and maybe that someone is me ! " I answer her back

She sighs deeply
" Okay ! I am done with this conversation ! "

" Good ! "
" But you can't wear sneakers , not today and not on your wedding ! Get it ?! " She snapped at me irritated .

" Got it mom !! " I shouted

And we both burst out laughing .

I wear white block heels , these are much safer than that .

She smiles at me .

___ ____ ____

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