chapter 48

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He carassed my hairs and kissed my head " I am happy that you didn't give up on your dream !! you can fulfill you own dream ! ,  You will design for this show !! "

Did I hear it right ??
He wants me to design.
No ! That can't be possible .
I am obviously hearing things !!
There is no way I am doing this !!

" No way !! Am not doing that " I shouted and get up from my chair.

" But why ?? It's your dream ! I just wanna help you achieve it" He questioned

I roll my eyes " I never dreamed to work for you !! .....and I also wanna fly so can get me some wings !! " Sarcasm dripping from my words.

Why don't this man get it in his thick skull .
I don't wanna do this , and not every dream is meant to be fulfilled .

" No I can't ! But your designs are so good just need some training and you'll do great !! "

" Yea! That's the point , I need training ,I am not going to do that need a talented and Amazing designer ,who can give you some superb designs ....and clearly that is NOT ME!!" I shouted back. Is it that hard to understand ??

" YOU ARE both talent and amazing designer ! I know you can do this !! "

How the heck does he knows u can do this ?
Where I don't know if I can !!
Ahhhh!!!! I screamed mentally.

" Look I know you are desperately in need of a designer and believe me that is NOT ME ! need someone who can give you some gorgeous designs in this short span and i can't do that !! ....I don't have any experience and I have never ever designed ever for anyone and here you want me to design for a full fledged fashion show that is gonna represent your brand !! So it's a clear NO !! " I tried to say everything calmly as I could .

" You are a very good designer Amy ! You just don't  know that yet !!...why do you think I wanted to hire your friend - I mean you !! Because I know it and even Deniz told me make sure I hire this designer !! "

What !! Deniz said that !!
Really !!! She liked my designs

" Deniz liked my designs ??! " I questioned

" She loved them ! Apart from the fact they are not related to our theme but they are good ! She said you have a new view !! "

Oh my my !!
Does that mean I am really good !

Whatever , I can't do this for a show ! What if no one liked them and tbis show go flopped and he has to suffer a loss .
I can't do that !!

" Okay , I will definitely learn from her ! But I can't help you with this show ....infact Deniz is so good , you can ask her to do this , that'll be perfect !! "

" I can't ask her , she is on an emergency leave !! It's her family matter her sister is in hospital, she can't help !! "

Oh .that's very sad .
I don't want him to be sad again , he is really in a deep shit but I can't do this !!
Why don't he understands , I am nothing in compare to those big experienced designers !!
It'll only cause him more loss ! And I can't let that happen .

I sighed heavily
" Umm...look , if you want I can give you my all drawing books ...maybe you can find something , but I can't design for this, it's a very bad idea'll be total flop and you'll just waste your money !!

" Why do always think negative !
Just have some faith in yourself !!'ll be great and everyone will love them ! "

" How can you say that ??!....and it's easy's not a buisness project that you can be so sure about it ....and I have no experience and you gain nothing from all this you are just wasting your money and time on me !! "

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