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( Tada!! - surprise)

Samuel's POV

I see her taking steps as she picks her phone .
Her steps shaking and suddenly her hand grasp her head and she was about to fall when I hold her .

" Amelia ! " I shake her head

" I am fine! " she answers shaking her head and trying to stand back

" I can see " I answered while I see the phone in her hand saying Home

I take rather snatched the phone from her hand and put that against my ear as I make her sit .

" Hello Amy ?Are you fine ?Amy answer me ! Amy!! "Aunt Marry asked from the other side her voice filled with concern.

" Hello Aunt Marry , it's Samuel " I answer

" Oh Samuel dear , you are with Amy ?! Thank god !! I was so scared for her ! Please take care of her ,make her eat something ,she hasn't had anything from morning !! " She explains

Well , that explains everything happened right now

" Don't worry , I'll take care of it " I answered

" Offcourse you will ! But Amy didn't tell me she is going out with you , so I wouldn't have disturbed you two !! "

She didn't told her mom that she is coming to me ?!

" Its perfectly fine , Aunt Marry !"

" You two enjoy yourselves "
She hang up the call .

I take a seat beside her , she looks weak , offcourse she is weak !!

This girls is quite stubborn ,I guess !!

I call the waiter and I order some food for her .

" Why haven't you eaten today ?!" I ask the questions getting irritated at her , how can she ignore food .

But , why do I even care ?!

She asks me that same question
" Why do you care ?! Besides its none of your business !! "

What ?! Its not my business !
Besides may be it's not my business .
But she is my fiancee , so I guess it is

" I believe it is seeing as you are betrothed to me !! Besides its very childish !! "I answer her

" So you really take this whole engagement -cum - buisness deal drama for real ?! And that wasn't childish ...I was angry , dad is forcing this whole marriage on me "

Her words hit me , hard . I didn't imagine it would .

" So you don't  want this marriage ?! " I question

" Absolutely not ! " She declares

A waiter comes and serves the food to us

" Eat ! " I order

" Excuse me , you can't order me ! " She retorts

" Behaves like a child , get treated like a child !! Now eat ! " I answer.

She is really quite stubborn .

" Fine ! I'll eat ...but you can't marry a child ! " She states smiling

Oh my ! This girl is something !!
She has a way with her words .

" If you don't wanna marry me , why are you doing this ....just call this wedding off and you'll be free ! "I question her

" That's the point , I can't !! ...so tell me ? Do you really wanna marry me ?!" She answers

" I believe ,I do ! " I answer her back honestly .

" Why? I mean , you don't know me ! ...we literally just met and this whole Marriage bomb exploded ! " She questions

" I have my reasons to do so !And I agreed to marry you , even before I've seen you ! So it really doesn't matter for me ,if we just met or not !! "

Her eyes goes wide .

" That means you are not gonna call this wedding off ?! " She questions

" No ! " I answer

" How can you just agree to marry a girl you haven't seen, where I can't digest the fact that I just hear your voice for the first time when I get to know that I am marring you !! "She speaks in one breath .

" We are on a same boat , our parents want this wedding ! "

" So you just agreed to this wedding without knowing with whom you would be spending the rest of your life ?! Even if that girl is not beautiful ?! " she questions again

" yes, but I was a little nervous before I saw you , but I didn't regret my decision !! " I answered her .

" So you don't have any problem with me or wedding?! "

" No!! "

Her face drops , she don't look happy ! I wonder why?

What do you mean by wonder .... offcourse she don't wanna marry you .she literally just shouted that at you .my subconscious mocks me

" Even if I say that I love someone else ?! " She questions

I don't know why but I just wanna smack someone so hard on a wall right now.

" I like your honesty ! "
And then suddenly she says
" I am pregnant !! "


" I am not a fool Amelia ! I know , you don't wanna marry me , but I am not calling this wedding off ...so I am more than happy to adopt your imaginary baby !! " I answer with a smirk

" Okay , I got it ...I am stuck !! "

We were finished with our food .

" Come, I'll drop you !!" I say to her while she follows me to the parking

" Oh no ! I have my car here , I can manage !! " She answers me dismissively

" Fine then , bye ! " I answer her as I spot my car

" Bye !! " She says



Later at night

It was almost 1 when I go to bed , but sleep is nowhere to be found

My thoughts were filled with Amelia

Her face
Her voice
Her questions

I know , I am selfish I agreed to this marriage for my own selfishness.

But I can't get that girl ,out of her my head .

She is so intrusting

When I saw her for the first time , she looked so cute in her PJ's .
I haven't seen any girl who looks this cute.

And I didn't even knew that she is the girl i am going to marry .I get lost in her eyes and came in senses when Ethan called her Amy .

When I saw Jenna on the breakfast table with Aunt Marry I thought she was Amelia .

At her birthday , I thought she knows about this engagement but she was so shocked .

I chuckle escaped my mouth when I remember my  conversation with her on phone .

I guess , she gets cranky when someone disturb her beauty sleep !!
And then today , she was looking so cool , that girl is really beautiful she looks amazing in anything ...even in that baggy she wore today.

I hated the way she got attention of every men in that restaurant when her bracelet was stucked .
She was so lost in herself that she didn't notice all the creepy eyes on her which made my blood boil.

And then the whole time she was hell bend making me reject her.but I wouldn't do that.

But somewhere I feel guilty , she doesn't want me in her life and yet I am doing all this .



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