40. Trust

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            Third person's POV

Next morning , they both were cuddled together .when the alarm rings , as usual Sam carefully leave bed without disturbing her beauty sleep and replaced himself with pillow.

He goes for his workout


Amelia was getting ready for breakfast when her phone rings ,she wondered who could that be ??

She pick up the call when she saw caller ID

" Hello Claire ! It's been so long that hear from you ! Got any trouble ??! " I ask

" Yea, it's been long ... actually I got strict instructions from Mr. Davis not to disturb you and I really don't wanted to intrupt ,and I wouldn't have contacted yet but that project is almost done and we need your signatures so I was just wondering if you have time so I can ...you know ??! ".she trailed off and I smiled she will never change , always panics for small things .

" Don't worry ! I'll drop by, I am pretty much bored being free all the time ! Infact , I can rejoin office now , yea...it's been a month and I can come now !! Thank you Claire to call , I'll see you soon in office ...oh wow ! Am so exited to go office again !!"
I really forgot that I can join office now ...i.dont have to sit home and watch Netflix all the time ...okay I know that I don't like my job much but that is far far more good  to sprawl on sofa and watch Netflix for the whole day .

She laughs softly , " you are so happy to join again ....I'll get every thing ready for you miss Davis "

" Oh come on claire ! It's the last time I telling you call me Amelia ! Or else I'll fire you !!" I threatened which doesn't sound like a threat at all.

" Okay Mis- I mean Amelia ! " I laugh and hang the call up

I see Mr.dumbhead looking at me from looking handsome as always in his Navy suit .

" You looks happy today ! " He says as he wore his watch .

" Because I am !" I smile widely

He looks curious " can I know the reason ?!"

" I am joining office today !! " I make my way towards closet

" I guess, you like doing work ??"

" Yea...I do " as I found a dress for today

" Breakfast is ready !! Come let's eat first , then I'll drop you off ! "He offers

" Oh no ! You don't have to ...I'll manage and you said you have a meeting today , so go ...or you'll get late ! "

" Yea....but that meeting is at 3 ...it get rescheduled !! " He shrugged

" Okay ! Let's have breakfast  first ! Am hungry !! " We moved out of room  and to have breakfast .

After breakfast he left for his office while I head back tk room and get ready .

After breakfast he left for his office while I head back tk room and get ready

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