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Samuel's POV

I came back to my room, after my morning work out , only to see my beautiful wife still sleeping on bed .

She is a sleeping queen.

My sleeping queen !!

Really Sam ! Could you ever listen to yourself , you sound like a teenager ,my subconsciousness rolls eyes at me .

So what ?? She is mine , I retorted back

I move to washroom for a quick bath , smile never leaving my face .

You are gone Sam ! ...my subconsciousness laughs at me

When I came out she was still sleeping , with a cute pout on her face .I chuckled at her , she groaned at turn to other side so sunrays stop their attempts to put an end to her beauty sleep .

I move to my side of bed and sit beside her ,I remove few strands of hair from her face , she leans in to my touch...and a.smile made its way again to my lips .

I was still debating  between woke her or watch her sleeping peacefully when she wrapped her arm around me and moved closer to me , soon her head was in my lap and her arm around my stomach.

It was impossible for me to wake her up now , because i know as soon she'll be up , she'll ran away and I don't want to loose the comfort her touch , her presence is giving me.

So I leans back to headrest , still watching her ,but this moment has to be disturbed .

Yes ! She woke up . But not by herself , how can she woke up by herself ... It's is impossible !

Mom shouted for the kitchen
" Sam ...Amy , come have breakfast , it's ready !! "

With that she groaned and open her eyes , she rubbed her like an innocent child , the same way she did why I saw her for the first time at her home , she sit up and the expression on her face was priceless ....she was shocked would be an understatement , she blinked her eyes maybe to check if she is dreaming.

I smile at her with " good morning ! "
That made her eyes go wide as saucers  , she brought her hand to my face and poked my cheeks , I really wanted to laugh so hard at this moment but I controlled .
I decided to tease her.
" Do you wish good morning to everyone like this ??! " I frown

She mimics my expressions , shook her head with a " No ! "

" So it is a special way to wish your husband ??! " I ask her

" What !! " She yelled

" What are you doing here ??! " She questioned

I really frowned at her absurd question " what do you mean ? .... it's my room , my bed ...where else should I be ?? "

" Excuse me ! ....it's OUR , for your information I may remind you , you married this chicka here '' she pointed her finger at herself .

I pass her a wide grin " I do remember that , but you seem to forgot that ...now , why would you ask me what I am doing on my be- let me rephrase - on OUR bed !! "

She blushed slightly at my words but recovered quickly " whatever ! .... You are always put when I woke up so ... " She trailed off .

" But now you won't be !! " I wispher to myself when she moved to washroom .

Amy was drawing her new design on the couch , It was lunch time ....so mom prepared lunch for us today .but she was too busy to have that

Mom even scolded her for ignoring her health but she didn't budge .
" Amy ,.it will just take 10 minutes .... please eat first ! " I said softly

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