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Hey guys ! So here I am back with a new story . I hope you all will love it as you loved " My Arrange Marriage " .

This story belongs to this lovely girl Elizabeth who happens to be Zachary King's personal assistant .

But why I am telling everything here ....I am going crazy with excitement give it a read I hope you will enjoy 😍

so give it a read I hope you will enjoy 😍

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" Kiss me NOW "
Is it possible for someone to get drunk just by smelling alcohol??....I thought

" What ?....Mr King ar-" he cut me off with " just do as I say"I was really confused now , Is this really happening or I am hallucinating

" But you are my Boss and this is not app-" I was again cutted off but this time by someone else
*Why don't anyone let me speak *I groaned inwardly

" Is he your new friend ?? " I turned around to face my ex boyfriend Jared staring at me and Mr King
"No He is my bo" before I could say boss Mr King pulled me against his chest making my eyes wide and said-
" Boyfriend ....I am her boyfriend ! "


Zachary and Elizabeth lied about being in a relationship for there own personal reasons .They decided to play lovey dovey for some time and then with a breakup they would go on their own ways .

Will they be successful in their pretence or not

Read to find out more about their story



Zachary king is 28 years old billionaire . Like a typical billionaire he is cold arrogant workoholic bastard....but a hot bastard might I add .
He worked hard day and night and practically made his company from the scratch.
Now when he is enjoying his life her mother wants him to get married ....Typing mother . As cliche as it sounds it is not .
He had tried everything to make her mother stop but nothing works
When playing a cupid in all the parties wasn't enough now her mother has started setting him up on blind dates . Is it only for sometime that she starts setting his dates with guys with her doubts of him being a gay. How is he gonna get out of this mess

Elizabeth Green is 25 years old. She is caring , intelligent independent and a sweet girl . Being a single child she is her dad's princess.
After being in a relationship with Jared Smith for 5 years ,she thought life couldn't be more beautiful . But her dream of happily ever after broke when Jared broke up with her saying he fall out of love and isn't interested in her anymore. With his crappy reasons of her being not good enough left her insecure . She shifted places to get over him and now is working in KING'S & CO. as Zachary King's personal assistant from past one and half years.
Now that she was finally over him , he is back and that too not alone but with a fiance .

So she grabs the only opportunity she gets to save her self respect infront of her former lover . Without thinking about the consequences or whether it is right or wrong she made  the deal

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