26. move out

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My head was still spinning , after hearing there words .

I wasn't even out of my shock when I heard Mr. Dumbhead speaking .

He actually broke his record to speak but after listening to him my anger reached to another level

" Okay ! "

OKAY !!?
What does he mean by okay ?

Hah !!
My head snapped towards him with wide eyes.

I blink twice .then gave him a look asking to help .

But what he did was just ......ignore

He freaking ignored me .

I can't loose now , I don't want to go with him anywhere and that too alone ....let alone for freaking six months .

I will go mad with him , I can't sit ideal a minute and I can imagine living with him would be not different than living in a dungeon ...alone .

And I don't want that

I'll be a patient in an asylum by the end of second month .

So I spoke
" But I don't want to "

Everyone's head snapped towards me .

Hell !! Why does this have to be like this .

Can't they all listen to me without focusing on my face .
I hate attention !!

" But why dear ?! " Uncle Logan asks sweetly .

" I'll miss you two !! And I don't want to add anyone in my missing list, I already have a lost list of people I am missing right now !! " I lied to convince them so I can escape from them well , it's not a complete lie , I will miss them both

They chuckle

I wanted to shout that aloud but controlled myself as I thought it's not a right way to convince your in-laws not to move out with so called newly wedded husband who apparently doesn't give a damn about you.

" You can visit us whenever you want !! " Auntie Grace smiles

Her words tickles my brain somewhere.
I have heard that before and that makes my eyes wet involuntarily .

I stand up from my chair not wanting to humiliate infront of them .

" Hey sweetie ! What happened ?! " Her voice laced with concern stopping me in my tracts which I don't wish to

" It's happening again ! " Words were out of my mouth before I can stop them .

She looks confused at my words , I took a deep breath .

" Nobody loves me anymore ! You told me I am your daughter then why are you sending me away !" I cried

" Hey !  I am not sending you away ...we are doing this for both of you !! "

" I know Auntie , Now you don't love me anymore so you are kicking me out !! " Words came out of my mouth before I can stop them while sobbing .

" Who told you we are kicking you out !! Nobody is kicking you out !! We are just giving you both some time ! " She says seeming genuine.

I looked at her.
" Dad also says the same that he is doing this for my happiness but how can I be happy while I am away from them and now you are also doing the same !! "

" You'll be happy just give yourself some time , your dad loves you more than you can ever imagine !! " She says and don't know why but I just wanna trust her.

" Auntie , do you really see me as your own daughter ?! " I question .

" NO !! " She says without thinking for a second .

I look down , why would she love me as her daughter when I am not ,
I can understand !!

" Because my daughter won't call me an auntie !! " She says smiling at me .

My head snaps towards her while she continues " As Sam is my son inthe same way you are my daughter ! I love both of you ,now it depends on you if you'll make me your mumma ?! " She asks me

" Mumma !! " I hug her
I really want that care which I've been receiving from the day one of my life and this feels home!!

"Won't papa get a hug ?! " Uncle Logan sorry papa says mimicking a kid

I smile and hug him as well .


After some time when I was a little ...what can I say fine .

Mumma says " but you can't reject our gift !! " Making a puppy face .
Now how can I reject her cute puppy face.

" So you Both are leaving inthe evening ! I'll miss you ....and you've to call me daily !! Got it ?! " She ordered making me chuckle .

" But I haven't packed yet !! " I complaint

" Oh don't worry about that ! You don't need to carry your whole stuff there , just take some pair of clothes , you are not going there to live forever ! ...besides  I am sure Sam can take you for shopping !! Right Sam ?! " She asks looking at Sam who's eyes snapped to us immediately and then he nods awkwardly .



After some time , when I came back to room to pack some pair of my clothes .

I was just dumping my clothes in my bag when I see Mr dumbhead entering in closet .

And I immediately remember what he did at the table .

How can he agree to this , and that too this easily .

" Why did you do that?? " I ask him as he open his bag .

" Do what ?! " He says without even looking at me .

Oh ! So now he wanna play innocent! But I know he is not innocent at all .

" You agreed to move out ! Why ?! " I demand

" That was a good idea ! "He says simply while folding his clothes and placing them neatly in his bag .

Why does he need to do this so neatly , this clothes are not gonna stay in his bag for his whole life , as far as i know, he' ll unpack them as he reached there.

But why the hell do I care?!

" Good idea  My foot ! " I shout

He looks at me ." I know my family , and they want us together , they'll do anything for this ,the more we will oppose the more they will plan to get us close ....so should just let them do what they want ." He explains
" Besides ...we can do whatever we wish there ....and if we stay here , every day will be a challenge ...my mom will plan everything in her power to make our marriage work ! "

Oh !
Is that so ?!
But why do I have to go with him , can't he go alone .

They want you two to be together , how can he go alone ...you dumbo ?? My subconsciousness yells at me.

" Okay ! " I nod understanding his words.

And he resume hie packing , while I go to washroom to collect my toiletries .


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