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I woke from sore muscles , and an warm arm wrapped around me. I looked around to see my handsome husband snuggled in me.

A smile made its own way to my lips. I tried to remove his dumble  like heavy arm from my waist but ended up colliding back in his chest .

" You can't escape from me wifey !! " He mumbled

And who the was trying to escape ,I just wanna use washroom.

I shook my head at his sleepy face "Good morning to you too ! " I mumbled sarcastically.

" Indeed it is a good morning ....no! It's the best morning I have ever had ! " I giggled.

And he made his way again to my neck making it difficult for me to move out from bed , because all I want right now is being in his arms forever.
" We should get up ! Everyone would probably be waiting for us !! " It came out breathily

" They'll understand besides we are still on our honeymoon time ! Remember it's just 4 months yet , we still have 2 months " he smirks

God ! His smirk is deadly

" Stop it now ! I'm already tired like hell from last night ! ....no matter how much you try , I am not gonna let you go for round 4 that too this early in the morning ....my mom will  probably be banging this door in next 10 minutes ! " I scolded him , as I was really too tired.

And yes , he woke up in the middle of the night saying he still can't believe this all is really happening , one thing lead to another and we end up going for an another round.

" I still can't believe this is all real ! This is really happening !! " He smiled cheekily at me

" I am not listening ! No no no ! " I put my hands in my ears .

He laughed at me " you are so cute , I just can't keep my hands to myself when you are around! " He smiled

" Well, this didn't seemed difficult to you last 4 months , what changed now ?? " I questioned

" Don't ask me that ! It was hella difficult for me , whenever I saw you I just wanted to - " I didn't let him finish and put my hand on his lips

" I got it ! I don't need a detailed explanation ! " I mused while blushing like an idiot.

" You look hot while blushing , Now you making it difficult for me to keep my hands to myself !...I know you are tired ! "

" So then stop making me blush ! " I snapped embarrassed from blushing .

" Aww ! ....I am very happy today !....but I can't believe you proposed me yesterday ! Not that I mind but wasn't I suppose to do that !!.... proposing seems to be a man's task  " he said making me slightly angry.
I don't regret a bit what I did last night .

" What do you mean man's task ?....by any chance ,do you think women are not equal to men ?? " I shot making his eyes wide.

" NO ! Not at all Miss feminist ! ....I didn't mean that .....it's just I thought it was me who was supposed to propose you , like I never heard a girl proposing so...." He trailed off

" So what, was it wrong of me to confess ? You didn't tell me that you love me and when I did you complain about that ??" I ask , was he really unhappy from my proposal , why wouldn't he ?? I just blurt it all .

" No ! Its not what I meant .I love it ! " He immediately answered

" Good ! Because I don't want a proposal in my 70's .... because I really can't wait till then , I mean who would like a confession when they have no teeth left and walk with a walker !! " I joked but part of it was serious .he told me when he realised about his feelings , it's been so long and he didn't even tried to confess.

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