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Third person's POV


a bullet was fired towards Sam and Amelia , this bullet was fast than speed of air, it was aimed straight at Sam who pushed an injured Amy behind him.

From somewhere they felt themselves being pushed to floor, and both rolled on the  floor.

That bullet which was aimed at Sam pierce through fless from their savior .... A blond girl , whose arm starts dripping.

" Brittany !! "

" Are you really so eager to die , you bitch !!" Simon roared as his aim missed , he pulls the trigger again but this time Brittany ducked that shot by bending low.


In the next moment another gun fired that pierce through Simon's  chest puncturing his lungs .
And the gun slips from his hands ....a relieve wash over everyone as they saw the car from which three police officers comes out.

" Britteny why did you do that?? " Amy cried

" Maybe this is the punishment for the sins I have commited in past ! I am sorry Amy , maybe now I can live with peace that I have certainly did something fruitful once in my life !!may be Now I can gain your forgiveness !! " Brittany said in between her gasps .

" Shut up you silly !! I have already forgot everything ,and now shut your mouth don't even dare to say that same again ....someone call ambulance !! " Amy shouted

Within minutes , they all rushed to hospital , where Simon was breathing hard....Amy was also on the verge of getting unconscious from the amout of blood loss and pain , and Brittany   was also holding her bleeding arm .

In the hospital , three of them were taken inside to tend their injuries , Liam's injuries were tended by a nurse.

Soon the bullet from Britteny's arm was removed and she was now resting under the effect of anesthesia.

Simon was in critical condition as his lungs were damaged badly and that bullet did passed just an inch difference from his heart.

Whereas Amy was still being attended by an OT , which was giving every person outside of that room worst time of their life.

Doctor has still not made his appearce which haunted Sam.
He didn't wanted to lose that pretty Angel who made his life a heaven with her presence.

After a long time which left like eternity the doctor ma his appearance and Mr Davis was the first one to ask where Sam stood by infront of him staring at the doctor for answers .

The doctor cleared his throat
" The patient has suffered many injuries . The cut on her thigh was deep and as a result she won't be able to walk properly for sometime, and about the another cut on shoulder , I would say she was quite lucky...to avoid any  nerves injury orelse that would have some some serious consequences , she also has a broken rib , and her arm has fractured at two different places .
That cast will remain for 6 weeks . She also suffered a concussion, which may cause some temporary effects, due to bleeding from such injuries , she has lost most of blood and now  anemic ! "

That doctor took a pause so that everyone could digest that new information he fed them and then continued " I'll provide a  diet chart for the patient , she needs to follow that strictly !! As she is anemic , she needs to gain her strength back , her nutrition is also important along with her medicines which should be given on proper timings...don't let her put pressure on her leg  that can delay her recovery process. She shouldn't walk unless it is extremely impotant !! "

" Can we meet her ? " Sam asks impatiently.

" Yes sure ! But she is sleeping due to anesthesia , you can meet once she moved to normal room from OT !! " Doctor replied with a small smile

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