41. Liar

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I realised what mom told me , was right.
No matter what we think , we are married , and with time we have to accept it , we can't ignore the elephant in room forever !!

After having chat with mom , I headed my cabin and sign the files and tend to some issues  which were due because of my holidays

I was talking about the product marketing benifits that we gained from last release with my team when my intercom buzzes and Claire's sweet voice echoed through my cabin.

" Miss Amelia , Mr Davis wanna have a word with you !! He is expecting you in 5 "

" Okay !! " I answered , knowing already what dad want to talk to me

" So , I am very happy that you all handled everything in my absence !! ...and with  this release, we  have gained some good  benifits ....keep it up guys ! Well done !! " I said

They all smile and left allowing me to head to dad

I knocked and open the door .

" Oh dear ! You're here ....so these are the details of our merger products which we are going to release ....and as you know you're the chief marketing head so get on your job .... And you need to discuss this all with Sam once !! "

" Okay...I'll go through it all once then I'll discuss it with him. But dad I mean Mr Davis ....As far I know this is a merger ....so I have to work at both places !! "

" Yea....you've look at both of them ....and we know you are perfect for this job !! "

" Thanks ....I'll try my best !! "He smiles

" I'll just give it a read and then head to Knights !! "

I came back to my cabin , I go through all tge stuff in that file twice .... And then I head to Knights .

Till lunch , I'll be there ....we can discuss about this merger ....and also about us over lunch !!

Some day we have to face the reality , sooner the better !!

And I guess , it's not difficult for us to tolerate one another . And this month has been fun . I think we can do this .

I trust him , he is different !
I can give it go with him !!


I parked my car in parking and head inside with that file in my hand ....

And I was right ! It's lunch time !!
I am super hungry !!

As I walked in the receptionist greeted me with white tooth smile " Good afternoon Mrs knight !! can I help you with something  ??! "

I smiled at her " good afternoon to you too , can you tell me where can I find Mr knight !! "

" Top floor ....on the right ,first room ! Have a nice day !! "

" Thank you ! " I muttered and walked past her .

Where every single damm person were leaving their job just to greet me with a full blown smile ....all thanks to the lovely paps .

I reciprocate all with a smile and nods .

Finally I entered inthe elevator and headed to top floor .

After  few minutes which feel like an hour thanks to my claustrophobia which is now under control !!

I look at the floor receptionist chair which was empty same on his PA table ....so they all are gone fore lunch .... Off course it's lunch break ....they can't starve themselves ...I don't blame them

But one thing I know about my so called husband is he won't go to office cafeteria for his lunch for sure !

He would definitely be in cabin gauging on his laptop  skipping his meals .

I smile thinking about it , he is really Workoholic !!
I wonder how can he work for so long , don't he get bored with all those files !

I stood infront of his door with a huge smile on my face , I was about to knock on the door then I thought ,its lunch break and I don't need his permission  to enter his cabin , I am his wife .

Besides I would love his irritated face ....that's my favourite past time job now !

I open the door with " I thought you'll be missi- " I trailed off looking at him

Never in a million year I thought I would see him like this .

The whole world seems be stopped at this moment ....I can't believe this is happening in real .

No , this has to be dream ...I closed my eyes praying it to be my worst dream ever ....but when I open my eyes reality hit me again .

It's in real

Its truth

He is here with another woman in his cabin!!

Correction !....he is here making out with another woman in his cabin .

When he is on his chair and That blond in his lap sucking his neck .
Give her some space man ! Let her breathe !
She is not in a mood to run that you have to grip her waist that tight .

Why this has to happen always with me .
Why every man in my life goes around make out with another women .

First Liam and now he !!

It hurts ....it hurts more than it hurt with Liam ....but why ??!

I don't feel anything for him !
But he is my husband ....he can't do this to me !

He can't just go around and cheat on me with another woman !!

Looking at that girl my anger rises ....I wanna kill her with my own bare hands ! Doesn't this girl knows he is out of her league...he is married .

But why would I want to kill her ....I can just ignore all this and walk out like I did last time.

No Amy!! Last time you walked out on Liam without any explanation and never looked back at him ....

But now you can't ! And you'll not walk out !!

You walked out that day and Britteny still taunt you every time that am a coward !!
But you are not .

I look at them both ,
That blond looked at me with annoyed ready to tell at me any moment  , after taking some breathes

while on the other hand, Sam looks extremely shocked by my presence here !! Like he never expected me to be here !

And why would he do expect me here , he thought that he can do anything he want on my back and I'll never ever get to know about anything !

What did he say that day ??!
He never dated  anyone !! Bullshit !!

He is liar ! A bloody freakin liar !!
A cheater !!




Cliffhanger !!
Cliffhanger !!

So what do you all think about this ??
Can anyone imagine , Sam would  cheat on her !
What will Amy do now ??!
She trusted a guy after such a long time !
And he broke her trust !
Would ahe be able to trust him ever again !!

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