5. Night Party II

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" you know Amy ! How much I hate that girl , that b**ch and she will be there , sticking like a leach to Ethan , and I hate it ...it just make my blood boil and that poor excuse of a sh*t , whom he calls his friend just make fun of me , you know what happen last time and I don't wanna do anything like that again ....the mare thought of what will happen there just make my blood boil " Jenna is rambling continuously

And it's normal , she always does this

I've been handling situations like this from years but still I thought , what  have i gotten myself into!!

It was not my problem to begin with ,but my brother always does this with me

He always leaves me with a freaked out Jenna , who is really very dangerous for health .

Its been hours , I am trying to make her calm and convince to attend that excuse of a party .

" So you are not attending that party because you are sure as guts.... there will be girls who will be sticking to Ethan ?! ...I mean , I know my brother is kinda hot and famous , so it's fine for him having fangirls!! "

Reverse psychology always works !!

I patted myself mentally for being so smart !!

And Jenna's head snapped at me

" You are right ! You shouldn't go there , I know ,you would be hurt when you see any girl sticking to him and ....it's good ! You shouldn't go .... Ethan can always go alone , but I just wanted you to go so ,you can be at his side and never let anyone a chance to... you know ,get to him. but , I think you are rig-"

I was cut off with a loud voice which came from an angry Jenna...who seems to be calmed now .

" I will go ! ...thank you Amy for knocking some sense in me ... I wont let him go alone "

She hugs me " yeah ! Keep your hold tight on my stupid brother "

" But you know Amy  I can't control my anger ! That's the sole reason , I didn't wanted to go !! " She says in an defeated tone

" When Amy is here , do not fear !! " I smiled

She looks at me confused

" What ?! Why do you think I wasted my two precious hours with you freaking out ? Just to make you calm ? ....Naah !...you know , I don't wanna get bored in that party , I need company for god's sake ! " I exclaimed and grinned at her

" You coming ?! " A wide smile spread accross her face

" Hell yaa !! "

__ __ __

I got ready and we three left together

My outfit

In that party , it was really funny to see Jenna and Lara 's death glare fight

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In that party , it was really funny to see Jenna and Lara 's death glare fight

And my poor brother stuck between these two deadly ladies

Lara is Ethan's best friend from school time and she has a crush on him ,but my dumbo brother doesn't have any idea .

And as all know , Jenna hates her , Lara doesn't like Jenna , and she will do anything that cause Ethan to ignore Jenna and notice Lara .

I danced for hours , on that loud music . Because Ethan and Jenna were busy , I was pretty much alone

Not that I don't like it

Infact I love it !

That's is the exact thing I want in my life .

My freedom

I don't need a babysitter who will watch me every second

I just wanna get lost in the crowd . And I did it tonight .

Its not like I don't love my family , I do... With all my heart but they always treat me as I am kid , and I wanna be a big independent girl , who can do anything as her heart desires .

I was so happy yet tired as hell so I get back where I left my brother Ethan with his problems

Hehehe !

I mean Jenna and Lara

Ethan was chatting with his friends beside him Jenna listening to him , with his full concentration .

As his eyes lands on me , he quickly get up

" Amy ! You good ? You looks tired ....let's go back home , Jenna "he states not giving me chance to speak

Caring brother !!
I love him , just by a look he can say i am tired

" Offcourse !! " Jenna beams happily

And we head back home

While going back home Jenna told me how she handled Lara today !

" You know Amy ! The look on her face was priceless !! You should have seen her, when I told them all ,how Ethan proposed me and then he kissed me ....he was so good an- "

I cut her off

" Gross !! Jenna !! Stop it ...for God's sake stop!! ..... I don't want to hear ,how good my brother is at kissing "I yell at her putting my hands on my poor virgin ears

She pulls my hands back
" So what ?! He is your brother , he is also my boyfriend ....if he wasn't your brother , you would have listen  it all ...so just forget that he is brother"

" Jenna , I can't ,he is my b- "
I was cut off by Ethan

" Jenna ! Its getting too much now ! Stop explaining our private life to Amy ! She is a kid yet "

And now it was my turn my shout at him
" Who says I am a kid , I am freaking 22 and I'll be 23 a day after tomorrow !! "

He sighs " okay! Calm down "he knows better to mess with an angry Amelia and turn to Jenna

" Why were you so hell bent on Lara ?! What has she done ?"

" What has she done ? She has a freaking crush on you and wanna snatch you from me , she freaking hugged you , and that too infront of me "

She is now behaving over
" Jenna , they are best friends ...you are reading too much into it "

" No Amy ! I'm not ! You won't get it , you can't feel , what I am feeling , you don't know when you see your man with another woman "

I laugh at her words
" How would I know ?! If I didn't even have a man !"

Ethan snapped immediately
" And that you will never have , I won't let any piece of a shit to kiss my sister , kiss is a far - I won't even let anyone hit on you "

" In that way , I would turn 60 and would die single and virgin "

He answered me simply
" This is good , you can be a nun!"
Jenna shout at him
" Shut up Ethan ! "

We reached home , it's already too late so Jenna is staying here tonight .

What are you thinking ?!
Offcourse she has her own room in our house , she ain't gonna share room with any of us !

__ __ __ __

__ __ __ __

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