chapter 45

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I can back from shopping with cami . We both just sunk into couch , we both were tired as hell , and why won't we , we were shopping for jenna . Yeah , it's her birthday tommorow .
And this whole week has been so busy and then after that day my
Feelings were all over the place so it really skipped my mind , but thanks to Ethan he called me saying that he has planned a surprise for Jenna and he needs my help so he can take Jen with him .

Aww my bro is so sweet !

Offcourse I'll help him and I did .
Now her birthday will be celebrated in day so Ethan can take her anywhere he wants .

All credit goes to me !!

" So how was shopping ??? " A voice came from behind ,I turn around to see a happy max and a confused Sam standing .

" You were shopping ?!" Mr dumbhead asked me . Obviously he doesn't know ! How will he I didn't tell him . Why would I tell him , as if he cares for me , for my feelings !!

I roll my eyes at him , max hugs cami from behind and narrow his eyes at him.
" You didn't knew ? Sam ,there is a whole world outside your study room , so please come out !! "

He just roll his eyes at max and settle infront of me

" So how was shopping ??! " He asks looking at both of us but I know he is asking me .but I don't wanna talk to him. Why does he even care what I do or not .

Cami answer " don't ask ! It was so tiring ! For almost 3 hours we didn't find anything good for jen don't know her , she is a drama queen and is very picky ! But thank god , it's done now !I am sur she'll love her birthday present Or else she'll make a fuss over it "

I laugh at her words , yes she is right . If she doesn't like her gift she'll taunt us for the whole year saying how bad friends we are that we don't even know choice yet .

Max buts in " can we order food now , I am really very hungry !! "

" Yeah please ! Or else I will die because of starving ! " I plead

He chuckles and order some food .then he settle with cami they both look happy t
But for cami , it's never a long term relationship .

Soon our order delivers and we dig in , then we started talking .
" So how you both end up together ?? I mean it looks pretty serious !! " I ask as they really look too happy and serious about each other and this is not normal at least for cami it's not.

She smiles softly " I don't know how but we did , it may seems creepy and weird but when I first saw him I knew that he is the one it was love st first sight , I guess ! " She smiles looking at max who responds with same and kiss her temple.

" It's 36 ! " I mumble to which Mr dumbhead frowns and max ask
" What is 36 ?"

I laugh " its 36 time, she fell in love at first sight ... actually there are other counts also like opposite attract and then her crush - " I got cut off by cami

" Stop it Amy ! I am serious !! " She glared at me to which I laugh and mouth her " okay ! "

We all laughed and mr dumbhead said " well , even max has same records ! " To which we all laughed but max choked on his food.

After cami and max left ,I took a shower and land on bed although mr dumbhead tried to talk to me but I closed the door at his face.

He doesn't need to show attention to me now . I know he don't care about me so why he is acting .

Did I tell you all , that he is sleeping in guest room from past two weeks.

There he can call any of his flings , but not in my bedroom .
I wouldn't have felt like this if he would have beem honest with me from the beginning .

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