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I know , I know !
Shoot me for late update !

I had lot of idea's after their little moment to continue , but I had already dragged this one day for so many chapters and I didn't wanted to drag it more , so I finally thought to put an full stop to the day .

❤️Happy reading ❤️


I am happy would be an understatement .....I am ecstatic.

This last two weeks , they had been amazing . After that event , i got so many offers from different companies , designers to work with them , but I don't want that because I am already working for my husband and Deniz is here to teach me ...
There is nothing else that I need right now !

It was kind of new start of my life ...not only professional even personal .

Yes ! After that wonderful day , when I kissed my sexy as hell husband in exitement .

Everything changed between us after that night.

Sometimes I wonder he has some sort of personality disorder !

He changes his personality as clothes.

One day he is all rude
Then next day he is all sweet
And now , he has an another mode.
Nowdays he is all touchy.

Not that i mind!

Anyways , so what new is ....
Well their is lots of new

It seems that he is really husband , well that's true! He is .

But it's not like earlier.

We talk on meals and cuddle on bed , sofa or on any possible surface.

My morning which earlier used to start with alarm now stats with his kiss.

I open my eyes from sleep in morning and close them in night to sleep with his kisses.

We had made this wedding work , it was not impossible as I thought in the beginning.

Now that I think of my pranks or should I say torture that i did on him , I laugh on myself how stupid I was to even do that all.

I even apologized to him , that itching powder thing was really too much , but we got even when he poured that powder on me too and got to know about my weakness .... nowadays he tickles me at every possible time till I lose my breath and my eyes rolls back from his torture.

But he just brushed my apology off saying ' that was kinda fun!'

And when he kissed me after that night for the first time , I was shocked !

And he laughed at me for that ! Saying he don't need a reason to kiss me !

And I was like did he really say that ?? And how can he say that aloud !

Well ,I am also finished the merger project cause that was assigned to me and I dont wanna leave that inbetween besides
Deniz is also not back yet .... So it was an better option too.


I turn my eyes to look at driver seat , Mr dumbhead ....his eyes set in road .... While I was busy munching my sandwich cause I woke up late today .

That because , nowdays my alarm is off cause my husband says he likes to wake me up .

And his excuse was ' you were looking so peaceful and cute ... So I didnt have a heart to woke you up ! ....and you can always come late office , you know perks of being Boss's wife !! '

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