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Aiden's eyes were wide open ready to come out from sockets and he praised my work stuttering still not able to believe

" Thank you ....but , I can't rest till this event is over ....so let's just finish our job and let get this over with ....atleast this freaking nervousness will leave me !! "I said to him honestly , because I want to get  all this over as soon as possible , i cant take this nervousness even for a second now .

" Yeah ....sure ! " He answered, i know I Aiden from a long time and he has been my friend , a genuine one ,andi know i can trust him with all this .

I look up to see Mr dumbhead looking at me intently
" I know you can do this !!...it's your day , your dream ....you have to achieve it on your own ,... I know you'll handle everything , you wont anything cone in upur way !! " With that he kiss my head making me smile

" Thankyou for everything ! If was not for you ,i would have never even think about this , this all  would have  ended being just mere hobby ! Thankyou for encouraging me , for supporting me ....i dont know what would i have done if you were not to be with me  in all this -  !! " i waved my hands in air referring to everything which he is giving me today ....my dream !

He smiled " I am always with you , in everything and Don't thank me ....whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine .....so i was just achieving my own dream....you know ,i am too selfish to care for you !! " He winked at me at the last making me smile . He is not at all selfish and i know he did all of this for me .

And i am gonna do everything now to make this event memorable and super hit.

I will do this for him, for me and for my dream .....no correction our dream.

" That's my girl ! " He says looking at my smiling figure making my smile widen a little and taint my cheeks with a pink blush.

" Now ,I'll get going .... You have to do this on your self , its already past eleven .... Just remember that i trust you and you can do this !! "

I couldn't help and lauvh myself at him into a  bone crushing hug.he was stunned for a second but didn't hesitate for even a mili second to hug me back.

Its the first time, i am starting anything orelse he is the one who always take initiation.but i needed him at this moment to take as much warmth and energy i can grab from his embrace.

" We can continue this at home wifey...now we dont have much time and we dont want to waste time now do we ?? " He asks with a bit of humour.

But the mare thought of continuing anything at home was more than enough to cause my blood  rush to my cheeks and making me blush.

I punch him on his arm playfully " now go....so i can concentrate !! "

" Oh so does that means ,i make you loose your senses!?! " He ask innocently  already knowing the answer .
And now i would be more red than a freaking tomato , my cheeks are bruning from heat.

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