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Samuel's POV

".....So with this stretagy working we can't ge-" Mr Roach was disturbed in between when someone open the meeting room door that too in between meeting .

Who the hell want to get fired !

My eyes snapped towards the door and I froze on my spot .there was standing Amelia my wife , she looked like she was lost somewhere , her face was void of any kind of emotion and tears were running down her cheeks , her eyes red and swollen ...she looked like mess and my heart bleed at her sight .

What happened to her ??

I immediately waved my hand with " meeting's over " and everyone started moving out.

Then her eyes met mine , and she moved towards me , I get up from my seat and walk to hold her .

Her eyes never leaving mine .
As we came in contact ,she hugged me tight and cried more hard in my chest if possible .

As we came in contact ,she hugged me tight and cried more hard in my chest if possible

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My shirt was wet with her tears by now but I could really care less right now.

I need to know what happened to her ? Why is she crying ??
She was laughing when I left her at home....what happened in just like three hours??.

I moved my hands on her hairs and tried to shush her but that only aggravated her situation .

She started sobbing loudly .
I was freaking out inside , what the hell just happened ??

I can't see her in tears . She looks like she is in lot of pain ....can't I take her pain for her ??

Looking her like this is breaking everything inside me !

" Shushh baby, what happened ? ...tell me ?? Please ! " I ask softlyoving my hands in her hairs all I got in answer was her crying .

" Baby , you are scaring me ! Please tell me ?? " I offer again .
She hugged me mor tight in response but didn't stopped crying .

I think she don't wanna tell me ! But I can't see her crying .

" Okay ! Okay ! It's fine , I won't ask you anything ....but just please stop crying ! " I pleaded
But she didn't stopped crying .

I moved backwards still hugging her and plopped on my chair with her in my lap .

She continued crying in my chest for what seems like years .
" It's okay if you don't wanna tell me , you don't need to talk about it ...but just stop crying Honey .... I can't s e you like this please ! "

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