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Third person's POV

Amy was terrified to be alone , in next days...so her whole family supported her all the time , especially Sam. Both families lived together for one month , Cami also crashed sometimes to enjoy their bond.

Well , about Simon , he died but not before confessing his deeds to police .He confessed ,he planted problem in Sam's main office in vagus, the deal was hich he is working on , is also messed because of him....and that designs which were published by the another company !, That was also him, he was the one who give that designs to the rival company ...and whe. He got to knew , they are still launching the collection , then to jeopardize that event , he took that two models and drugged them so they can't go to that event.

That poor excuse of a man , has gone crazy after his only brother's death which was a drug mishap....simon was also a drug dealer, so that stopped drug trafficking to a great extent.
He himself was a addict , but he smoke alot ....that caused his lungs almost death

Then that bullet didn't help the situation much , as that lead him to lung infection ....and he died after struggling for a week on hospital bed.


5 months later

Amy woke up to a loud buzzer that keep on ringing by her ears , groaning inwardly she pulls herself up .
But was restricted by a strong arm around her waist . She nudged the arm of her husband who was still sleeping peacefully beside her.

He has really changed now, he has stopped waking up in the middle of the night according to Amy , to maintain his droolworthy body.

But last 5 months changed him , now he work- out in evenings .
When Amy was suffering from trauma.she gets panicked when she found herself alone in the morning .

Then Sam thought it is time to change his routine for good , in this way he'll be able to cage her in his arms and her every morning will be begin with him.

When the beast like man didn't budge instead he tighten his hold on her breath , she nudged him again , he groaned and nuzzled his face in her neck , making her loose temper.

It was Cami and Max 's wedding today....she can't sleep all day in bed or Cami will eat her head , because Jenna is making every possible plan to stop this wedding .

" Wake up Samuel knight this instance or you'll sleep on couch till the next week , I'll make sure sure of that ! " She said loud enough in a serious tone so h could hear and in the next instance he was wide awake.

Cause he knows , when her wife is angry , she can be really dangerous and never bluffs.

" Babe , what happened ?? ...why are you angry this early in the morning ?? " He cooed and comes near to kiss her on lips but she backed away covering her mouth with her hands to which he frowns and raise his brow.

" Contrary to all the novels and cliche movies , morning breath really sucks !! " She explained and streched to pick the shirt beside to bed .

" Oh really ? But I was thinking for another round , you know ! To start a good day ?? " He smirk
At her while Amy turned red due to blushing and also some because of anger.she was really tired .
First all the wedding chaos and then going in a shopping with Cami and to add cherry on the cake a video call from heavily pregnant Jenna to look over their shopping is equal to a suicidal mission.
A passionate night was great for them both but didn't help her tiredness at all.

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