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Third person's POV

" just relax ! Everything will be fine ! We are together in this !! " Sam assured Amy .
But she doesn't look like she is ready to take in what he is offering her so she burst at him

" RELAX !!  How I can relax ?? How can you even expect me to be relaxed after I got to know that I am pregnant ! .....I AM FREAKING PREGNANT !! " She shouts

Sam sighs really not understanding what to do ?
How to make amy understand !! Or how to understand what does she want . It's been a week and she is still stuck on that same track like a broken taperecorder.

" Hey! I know you are scared- " Sam was cut off by a yelling Amy .

" Scared?? I AM TERRIFIED !!" She yells

" You are not understanding , I am pregnant !"

" I know , you are pregnant Amy !! " Sam says dumbfounded

" You know that I am pregnant , but you are not understanding what I feeling !....my body is changing , these stupid pregnancy hormones are driving me nuts !.....and you not getting cause you are not the one who is facing this , it's not happening to you !!.....you are not the one who woke up every morning just to throw your guts out !!.....I am !! Every morning I woke up to see the food I had last night , to make a reappearance to me !!.... You are not the one who is carring a baby inside your belly !!...I am !! .....can you imagine I have a little human growing inside me !!!! "

" I know, and I xant understand what you are going through ! It's a big deal ....but we'll just figure it out ! We will be happy with a cute little kid in our home !! It's gonna be fine - " he was cut off yet again by Amy

" It's a huge deal ! A kid is alot to take in ! ....just look at me , I don't even know how to boil milk , how do you expect me to raise a baby !! " She cried

" Hey, you're not alone in this ! I'm here with you in this ! I'm not gonna leave you , I'll always be with you , and it's not only your baby it's mine too ! " Sam hugs her.

" I know you will always be with me , but it's just ....that I don't know anything ! And i will be very bad mom !! "

" Hey , No! It's not like that !! You my dear , is gonna be the best mom in the world !! " He cooed and now stop crying.

" I am not crying ! " Amy protest .

" Oh yea, I see ....your eyes are just sweating!! " Sam laughs

" Hey!! Stop laughing at me , it's my pregnancy hormones messing with me!! " She yells to which he laughs again.


Next morning

Amy woke up and rushes to washroom when a nauseous wave hits her , she Crouch to toilet seet and empty the contents of her stomach , while Sam hold her hairs back and pts her back .

" You okay ?? " He asks her slowly when they made it back to room

" No ! I'm not !!" She says exhausted and lay back on bed , Sam runs a hand through her hairs

" I know , this morning sickness thing really sucks !! " Sam says softly " you rest , I'll bring some juice for you , then you'll feel better!! " She was not in a mood to have anything but she neither bhave that energy to argue so she just let that go

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