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I stand with Amy backstage , it's time now.
No 8 girl walks out from my sight and after a moment when she takes her position on stage no 10 moves .

And here I am shaking  , my no is 12 ,the last one ...after cami.

I just hope ,I don't mess things up.
I do t wanna trip and embarrass myself and more importantly Sam .he trusted me with everything , today I am representing not only me, but also him and his company.
And I can't take chances with that.

Please god help me just this one time.
Please don't let me fall.

" Amy you're not gonna fall , trust me ! And why are you so scared ....you walked aisle at your wedding in heels with that long gown ,it's nothing as compared to that "she had a nerve to compare this to my wedding.

" Those heels were not pointed like pencils besides both dad and Ethan were holding me to on my feet " I retorted as I remember my wedding.

" Just think no one is watching you....you are alone and everything will end before you know it "

" How can I think I am alone when tone of lights would be on me ?! " I retorted.

" Shut up both of you ....cami go it's your turn ! " Aiden scold us both .

Oh no !
It's mine turn now !!

What am gonna do ?!
What I am gonna go !!

You gonna walk you idiot! My subconsciousness yells at me

Oh yea! I know ,I have to walk.

Amy you gonna do this fine , you are not gonna fall , just trust yourself .
You are not a toddler to fall on your first step , you are grown up ....it's just your fears ,you can't let them take on you.

You will do this just fine .
No you gonna rock this now .

I took a deep breath and walk on my cue

As I step my foot on the stage,lights from  several directions flashes on me , and a bright spotlight enlighten me in the crowd , blinding me with too much light ....which make me close my eyes involuntarily.

" Amy open your eyes and walk ! " Aiden wispher yell from the backstage ,his face held a look of worry , I can see him from the corner of my eye , cause I haven't taken a step ahead.i am sticked to the floor like a chewing gum.

His smiling face comes in mind and his words rang in ....

"Just trust yourself as I trust you ....just be confident and everything will be over before you know " 

" Just remember that i trust you , and you can handle this "
You can do this Amy .
And you will do this !

My eyes flutter open and I blink twice or may be thrice to adjust to the light.
I put a smile on my face and take my first step ever so cautiously.

I scan the crowd and my eyes lands on my family ....they all sit there she'll shocked with wide eyes.

I know , no one can ever imagine
ME opting modeling.

Me and modelling doesn't fit in a same sentence.

My eyes moves from my dad to mom followed to mumma papa and then at Ethan whose mouth is open I stuffed a chuckle ,Jenna who has her million Donner smile on her face .

I keep walking ever so slowly and cautiously with grace that I didn't knew I have ,or where it came .

I was simply grateful for that

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