29. Alien

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Samuel's POV

I woke up at 5 by my alarm , I turn it off immediately and turn to see the sleeping beauty beside me .

It has become kinda my habit ,every day my alarm rings and she groan, and I memories of our first phone call came back in my mind running .

She  really loves her sleep and she becomes really cranky if anyone disturbs her beauty sleep , I remember our conversation that day very clearly ....and I've learnt my lesson ....never ever disturb her sleep .

Sometimes she behaves like a cute little innocent kid , like right now , sleeping like a innocent child peacefully .

I shake my head and get ready for my jogging .

After coming back from from jogging I spend good two hours in my Gym room .today I really spend extra time in work out .

When I came back she was there in room , she looks at me her eyes wide and ever her mouth was open wide and I realise I am shirtless .
Is she drooling over me ??!
Looks like it !
I thought she is different from other girls but whom I am kidding ??!
All girls are same .
I took a step ahead and she was applying something on her lips .

And here I am thinking she is drooling over me !!

Get a grip on yourself Sam , why would she ??! She doesn't even like you ?!

You are being paranoid .

I immediately enter in washroom, to shake these useless thoughts away I turn on shower and stand beneath running water.

I let the cool water calm my nerves for some time .and then I applied some shampoo on my hairs and massage it to form leather , but it isn't forming any foam instead my hairs are becoming sticky .

I again applied some more shampoo , repeated the same process.and now my hairs are sticked.

My hairs are now like a broom , rough , messy and sticky .

But how is that possible , what is wrong with my shampoo.

Who did this ?!

No one dares to mess with my things besides here I am alone

And someone cross my mind.

Except her !
Yeah ! My innocent looking but not at all  innocent wife.
Amelia Davis

No stupid

Amelia Samuel knight .

Is her name really matters that much right now ?! My subconsciousness reminds me
And I was super pissed at her.i mean who won't ?!
What the hell has she done with my shampoo.
Is she insane ?!

I Strom outside to hall at the dinning table to her.

When I confronted her she started laughing , yes she laughed at me. And when she was out of breath she admitted everything , that she mixed glue in my shampoo and told me she'll make my life hell , cause I did the same to her bh trapping her in this non sense marriage .

I understand her , she has the right, cause I did everything for myself , I didn't think about her .she deserves someone better than me , who will love her or cherish her.

But I cant , I am not that hearts and flowers type guy .
These things never existed in my dictionary .

And then in the end she helped me  to clean my hairs .

After all I have done with her , yet she helped me .

But don't forget she is the the sole reason behind this condition of yours my subconsciousness reminds me again.

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