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Samuel's POV

"......the new collection has benefitted us more than we had expected , the results have been amazing ,the Market is crazy about that and our shares in the market have been increasing" Mr Roach continued rambling about how amazing the launch has been.it has benefited us more so much.

My phone buzzed in my pocket as I saw the caller ID


Why would he call me ? I wonder but I cut his call as I was a meeting which was about to end .
So I will talk to him later.

But he called again, I was about to pick up when the door burst open and I saw Max entering , he looked like alerted and worried.

I immediately getup from my seat " Meeting's over! " I practically ran to him

Max looked at me and hesitated speak for a second , but what he said was shook me to cores.

" Amy's kidnapped !! "

His words rang in my ears and I was unable to believe what he was saying .

No! That couldn't be true.
It has to be wrong .
Why would someone do that to her.
She is a gentle sole, and so kind to everyone.

Last week have been perfect with her , after our confession , my life was perfect with her , and I couldn't ask for anything else but what he just told me?.

" Hey dude ! You need to be strong for her .... we'll have find her soon , she'll be fine ! " He t d to console me , but nothing worked.

But now I was raging with anger.
I will kill that bastard if he even lay a finger on her.

" How do you know this ?and you're so sure ? " I asked him there could be a chance that he is wrong , right ?

I just don't wanna believe that she is in danger.
She is my life !
I can't imagine my life without her.

" Cami and Jenna was with her at that time , we gotta go to them , they both are terrified , let's go !! " I run with him.

As soon we settle in car I shoot
" What did you know ?? "

" Nothing ! It's just cami called me and she was crying " he said slowly but I can tell he was worried for her.but I still don't wanna believe it .
I just want her to run in my arms .


Soon we reached at her parents place and I ran inside and dashed in hall .

There I saw Cami ,Jenna and Amy's mom crying  .but there was no sign of Amy .

I demanded " where is Amy ?? "

" Th-they  *hiccup* took h-her " Jenna cried

And now my heart was beating like crazy , and I was boiling with anger.

Who the hell messed with my girl ??
I am gonna kill that fu*king bastard

" What happened ?? " I asked

Cami was now in Max's arms crying but she decided to explain

" We were co-coming back from an icecream parlour * hiccup * and i opened the car then *hiccup* someone pushed Jenna aw-away from Amy *hiccup*....as I caught her so-someone hit Amy on her head " and she burst out crying .

My head filled with images of Amy hurt on her head and that made me want to samaj someone on wall.

I wasn't able to control my anger , but i couldn't see her hurt it killed me inside .

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