3. Uncle Logan

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He sighs " The moment I will enter , he will shout at me for letting that mistake happen "

I smile weekly "we have to go inside and then we can solve that so just step in "

He started again " that's what I am talking , you should go first , he won't shout at you , no matter how angry he is , he loves you more than anyone "

Seriously !!
I can't believe on my own ears
That's impossible !
Sure, Dad loves me but not as he is talking
Dad loves him more than me

I try to not to shout at him
" In that case you should go ahead , he loves you more than me, so" I wave my hand towards door indicating him to walk

He shake his head " no ! He loves you and will do anything for you "

Jeez he can be such a crybaby

" That's a lie ! He loves you more , he always lets you do whatever you want ,as for me their are always rules and regulations "

" That's wrong ! He always gives you permission for anything "

" Oh really ! Last time I checked ,he didn't let me go to party ...and he never let me go to the parties "

He rolls his eyes at me
" They were late night parties , and as far as I remember , we have gone to  one of your friend's party last Wednesday "

" That's the point , he only allows me to go when you accompany me ! I mean , I am big girl ,i don't need a babysitter , I can handle myself ...and there are more certain things that you are allowed and I am not , so you are his favourite child , simple !! "

He frowns " he cares for you ,that's why he always do this , besides what are these 'things ' that you are not allowed to ... enlighten me please " he says sarcastically

Damm! This is getting tiring

I lef out a loud sigh " okay ! So you are allowed to go for late night parties , go alone on trips ,
And dating  - he cuts me off with

" Dating ?! He allowed to date Liam "

" Yeah ! After week a of begging and he was never happy about my relationship with him and remember on our break up, he was the most happiest person on the whole planet !! "

Yeah ! Can anyone imagine
My dad celebrated my break up
He was about to throw a party on my misery
Though we all settled on a family dinner ,which was so grand

Well according to him , that dinner was to celebrate a huge deal

As if

But my dad never celebrated cracking deals ,it was a piece of cake for him

Ethan was about to answer when my dad's PA Uncle Zach intrupted

" What are you both child doing here ! Your father is waiting , go in "

We both smile
Uncle Zach was my dad's very loyal employee from years

And hesitantly I step in the room first
It was good to enter , as dad was so happy , he was laughing with a man of his own age

As soon his eyes land on me his smile grows wider

" Amy ! Come here " he indicated me come

And I moved towards him happily

Dad introduced me to that man

" Amy meet Logan , Logan knight ! My childhood friend and Logan meet Amelia ,my baby girl "
Seriously dad ??
Baby girl !!

I'm soon to be 23 years old for crying out loud !!
Uncle Logan smile vibrantly as he is really happy to meet me

"Time really flies ! She has grown into such a beautiful lady , last time I saw her she was just 3 "

Oh , so technically its not our first meeting
He knows me !

" Nice to meet you uncle Logan " I answer genuinely as my dad is very happy to meet him

" Yes dear ! Nice to meet you too "
And then Ethan came beside me happily

Just a minute ago he was ready to run into hills just to avoid this meeting and now

" Logan meet Ethan , my son "

Ethan greeted him " hello uncle ! Nice to meet meet you "

" Oh my boy ! Its nice to see you grown up ! "

So it was a family-union-type-of-meeting
We met Uncle Logan and we all have our lunch together
Dad was really very happy , they told us about their friendship and about our childhood
But due to some buisness issues ,uncle Logan shifted to Vegas and now after 20 years he is back here

Today , I came to know about one more interesting thing , that uncle Logan and Auntie Grace had a love marriage , and dad and mom who happens to be Auntie Grace's best friend ,helped them alot in that time .

But as far I know , my parents wedding was an arranged one

It was really good to meet uncle Logan , he is very loving and caring

Dad was also very happy to meet him and invited him over dinner tomorrow

__ __ __ __ __

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