18. wedding bells

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I wasn't able to sleep even for a second , last night.

So as a result , I got swollen eyes with dark circles and for that Jenna shouted at me almost half an hour while applying some ice on my eyes to reduce swelling .

Now , I am sitting alone in my room all messed up and confused .

Anxiety filling inside me, I was scared for my own life

What will happen now with my  life .

This day gonna change everything , I don't know him ,i don't know ,what is his so called reason to marry me .

What if ??... he wants some kind of revenge like in movies .

Snap out of it Amy ! This is reality not a cliche movie !! My subconsciousness yells at me

But why the hell he wanna marry me , he doesn't  even love me. so why ??

He could have stopped everything , my life would be back to earlier , but he chose not to .

He could have cancelled this whole wedding drama but he choose not to ....

He could have saved me but instead he chose to make my life a hell with this marriage .

But I am not an easy target , you'll regret it Mr dumbhead .

If you expect me to be an innocent sweet girl then you are wrong !!

If you can turn my life into my worst nightmare than why can't i

I will make your life a living hell !! You'll regret your decision of marrying me !!

You gonna pay everything !

I muster up myself and head to washroom to have a long and relaxing bath in my own personal washroom .....maybe for the last time !!



Its been two or more ,may be more than two hours , that I am sitting here infront of my mirror and my neck is hurting like hell , this hairstylist is blowing my hairs with something I don't even know but I am sure it will definitely harm my hairs .

My precious hairs

He told me not to move my head
Well , someone please tell him that no one can be stone to not to move for hours .

And as for my face ,it has been caked up properly .

After some time finally my hairs were done into a low side bun with some sparkling pins .

And now I was supposed to wear that breathtaking white fitting gown .

By breathtaking I don't mean to say beautiful ,well it's beautiful , more than beautiful .
What I mean to say is , it hugs me so tight that it's a little difficult to breath in it , as I am already so much in trouble to walk with this .

Well I have so many problems !!

Well I have so many problems !!

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