28. welcome to hell!!

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Next morning , I woke up with the sunrays tingling on my face .
I ignore the urge to leave this comfy bed and turn my head to other side.

But , my sleep has already been distribed , so cursing internally I leave the bed and  rub my eyes to shedd away the remaining sleepyness then walk to the balcony while running a thorough hand through my hairs to smoothen my messy bed look.

I breathe in the air ,while closing my eyes . I let the cool air hit me  for a couple of seconds and again  the thought which has been disturbing me from yesterday come to me again .

How do I irritate him .
What to do ??!

Sighing loudly , I walk to washroom . I wash my face and pick up my toothbrush ,my eyes lingering on my  other toiletries and suddenly an amazing idea pop up in my mind .
A smirk make his way on my face on its own .

After taking a soothing bath ,I dried my hairs .

I was applying a lip balm when I  see Mr dumbhead walkin in the room in just his sweatpants .

Sweat was dripping from his body like crystals and his hard chest was on open display just for me

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Sweat was dripping from his body like crystals and his hard chest was on open display just for me.
He really workout !

My eyes were wide open and I was drooling over him .

My eyes were wide open and I was drooling over him

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He looks so so ....hot !
My mouth was practically open .

He looks at me and came to my senses what the hell I am doing right now.

I mentally cursed myself from r embarassing myself that too infront of him , but I can't help he is really a  great piece .

I quickly recover myself for embarrassing myself more than I have already and smashed that lipbalm again on my lips that was still in my hands .
So it doesn't look like I was drooling over him .

Well , I am not sure if he baught it or not .he enters in Washroom while i ran out of the room .

After I was out of the room I let the breath out which I doesn't know I was holding till now.


Breakfast was already prepared and Greta has arranged it on table in which I helped her... offcourse .

I look at the clock and and then at the door of my room .

I mentally smiled thinking about the my plan .

And just then the door snapped wide open .and I came face to face with a pissed six packs .

As soon my eyes lands on him I burst out laughing . I wasn't able to hold myself and I was almost out of breath.

He took some large strides and was in front of me looking super pissed .his jaw clenched and hands in tight fists.

I should be scared right now , but  as you all know I am super duper unique.i was finding this super funny .

And was still smiling wide, he glares at me and I press my lips together .

He looks past me at Greta who genuinely looks scared to her fits .

She immediately ran back to the open  kitchen and started doing something .

He again looks at me .
" What is this ?! " He says while pointing at his hairs , trying to control his  shouty voice but  fails miserably

I look at his hairs that actually looks a bird's nest but in white color .

And again burst out laughing .

" It is not funny !! " He yells

" I know ! I know ! " I answer trying to control my laugh again and catching a breath.

" Then stop laughing ! "

I press my lips together in a straight line .

" Now , tell me what the hell did you do ?! " He asks or should I say shout again at me .

"Nothing much ! Ju" I was about to say when he cut me off

" Nothing much ??! Then why my hairs are  so freakish sticky .... This is not my shampoo....my shampoo usually makes my hairs smooth not a  muggy feather !! "

Muggy feather !!
Well they actually looks like a muddy hairs .

"  I just simply  mixed some glue in your shampoo " I stated plainly .

And the look on his face was out of the world .
And believe me when I say that his look was really out of the world, his mouth was open and eyes was ready to budge out from the sockets .

" You mixed freaking glue in my shampoo ??! " He shouted.... Again .

" didn't you hear it earlier ??! " I question " I said  I just simply - "

And yet he cuts me off.....again .

" You just simply ?!! What else can you do ??! " He shouted that too again.

I smile " I can do much much more than this ( I pointed at the nest on his head ) you can't even think about my imagination !! "

" Why the hell are you doing this ?! " He questions .

" Just to make everything even ! " I said

" Even ?! "

"Yeah even ! "

" What do you mean and for what even ??!  He yelled at me .

" You make my life hell by trapping me in this non interest marriage and now I will do the same , I will also make your life hell !! So get ready ! " I answer him back .

His expressions immediately changed and I see a strange feeling in his eyes .

" If you hate this marriage that much then why didn't you back off ?! " He questions

"As far as I remember I told you everything in very simple words that I can't  ! And I also gave you thousands of chances to back off but you didn't !! ....you are the one who was he'll bent to marry me as your life depends on this marriage and as far I can't see why ?! " I let my anger come out .

He looks at me for the last time, sighs and then asks softly
" Atleast tell me , how can I get rid from these gummy hairs ! "

His voice was soft and he really looks helpless
I think for a moment , my plan was to irritate him not to embarrass him and now as I am his wife his image matters to me and I can't let him get embarrass infront of everyone .

I have irritated him alot and for today it's enough I guess. And I am not heartless for crying out loud.... I sighed

" Let's go ! I'll help you !!! "


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