42. fight

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My blood was boiling at the mare thought of being cheated again ...

But why I am more hurt than anger.
It's not like I loved him ...we were just ....I don't  even know what we were to each other .

But whatever it was he was married to me....
My mind was totally blank , not even registering anything , not even in my wildest dreams I thought he would do something like this .....

I snapped out of my never ending chain of thoughts by a very irritating voice that seems to be more  irritating than Britteny . For a moment ,I was surprised to know that someone do exist in this good world who is more irritating than Britteny.

" What the heck ?? She must be your PA !!...don't you manners to knock ..and what are wearing , who wears this short skirt to their office ??! ....baby ! You should hire a decent assistant or maybe a male....don't worry I'l- " she started her rambling with the most torn voice of the world .

How does she shout on me !!
And what is wrong with my Skirt ??!
I don't need her opinion on my dressing.
Before she utter any other word against me I open my mouth

" Who the hell are you to point out my dressing ...and I don't need to knock ,I'll do whatever I want- !! " She again cut me off with her awfully irritated voice.

" How dare you answer me back !!...do you even know who I am ??!... You are fired !" She shouted at me

Huh ??
Fired !!
Is she kidding me !

" I have guts to say anything to anyone ...am not afraid of anyone ....and why are you asking me for your name ,don't you know what your parents named you ??! ....besides I really don't have time and interest  to know you " I scoff answering her back

She stomped her foot on floor
" Aaaah !! ..... I am Rose Williams , his girlfriend !! ....and you are showing me attitude , who are you , a poor assistant !! "

This girl is really mad !
Me and assistant ...she wanna fire me ??!
And doesn't she knows that Sam is married yet she had a affair with him
For this good fine moment I felt thankful that bunches of paps , who showed me on every single damm channel , promoting my marriage !!

I look at Mr dumbhead.....who seems to be really dumb not uttering a single world just staring at me with his big black eyes without blinking .

" Girlfriend Really ??!" I roll my eyes at her. I don't want to waste my time on her and her irritating voice his making my head ache.

" Just get the out of here before I drag you from your hairs and kick you out!! " I shouted at her

She snapped her eyes to Sam and speaks in a baby voice
" Baby !! Why don't you say something to her....look she is insulting me ??! "

What baby ??!
She is using endearments to call my freaking husband !!

He opens his mouth to say something but I beat him

" Baby ??! From which angle he looks like a baby to you ??!....girl you need to have a eye-checkup !!....and don't you have a mouth to speak for yourself !! "

She glare at me and stoped her foot again
As I am afraid of her glare.

" Are you really that dumb or you are playing dumb .....but if you are acting then I must say , you are very good at it ....you should try for movies....I mean you are really very good at acting and offcourse ....seducing !! " I shrugged waving my hand towards my so called husband pointing at the matter of fact .

" How dare you call me.a slut ??!"

" Am just stating the obvious !!....now would you take your ass out of this building or should I kick it out myself !!"

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