chapter 44

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Third person's POV

Sam has been waiting for Amy at home from past four hours , he wanna clear everything out with her. he doesn't want her to misunderstood him .

It's ten past nine and Amy is still not home .sure Sam called her ,at  first , she didn't picked up and when Sam didn't stopped then she switched her phone off .... obviously irritated !

He is worried sick at home , and on the other side Amy go the park she goes always after sitting their for good three hours then she walk in randomly in streets putti g her earphones on  to let her mind off the whole marriage and cheating thing but nothing helps her.
She didn't knew when she reached to the penthouse non Chantily , this was the last place she wanted to be ....but still she sighs and enters

As soon she enters Sam comes to her , " where have you been ?? I was  worried sick !! "
But she ignored him straight off and head to her room without even glancing at him . She changed her clothes and jumped on bed .

"We need to talk ! Just hear me out ! " Sam pleads but she just turned the lamp off , cover herself with blanket and closed her eyes.

She didn't wanted to hear any pathetic excuse from him , how could she ??!....she can't deny what she saw with her own damm eyes . She just wonder how could he even try to deny the fact .

Next morning

Amy had her breakfast before sam and leaves for offlice early to avoid having any encounter with Sam but who was she kidding ??
Her family was he'll bent to made both of them to fall for each other .

When she reached to knights . She headed to his cabin for which she had came yesterday .
She stopped at her PA Angela.
Who greets her
" Good afternoon mam ! Mr knight is inside  !! "

Amy respond with a smile and nod

Amy knocked on door and enters on " come in ! "

" Angela give me th" Sam stopped when he saw the person in front of him . Shocked

" Mr knight "

He immediately walls to Amy
" Amy - Amelia , I am happy you are here , thankyou for giving me chance to explain "

" I am here as a marketing head for the merger launch between Davis and Knights ! " Amy says  professionally
" Okay ! We'll discuss that later ! Just here me out onc - "
He was cut off by Amy again

" Mr knight , I  like to keep my personal and professional life seperate , I would appreciate if you'll understand ! "

" Amy please just me give me chance ! "

" Mr knight , I don't want to waste my time , we should start  work ! " She snapped.

He keeps his mouth shut and listen to her .

                Two weeks later

Its been two weeks Amy is avoiding Sam , and this whole avoiding situation is driving s crazy . He didn't give up , abd tried to talk to her every single moment he got with her but she'll always behaves as if he doesn't even exist.

In office , she ask him to behave professionally , about home , she come back late with an excuse that she had loads of work to do as she was on off  from a month and thus new merger project is too important, so she don't want anything to goo wrong.

Sam was restless in this whole situation , he can't even consentrate in work properly , he  was irritated with the fact that how can a girl effect him so much . She changed his whole life without even letting him any idea . He missed her pranks , her stupid fights , her laugh . He missed everything about her.
She was like a breath of fresh air to him , and now when she is away from him she felt kind of suffocated.

On the other hand , Amy was so disturbed with him , he never stopped to try and talk to her. Every time she looks at him , she  remembered how he cheated on her. She never thought about him like that , after so many years she trusted a single guy and he just broke her trust as if it was some freaking toy.

She decided to give this marriage a chance , but now she  hated herself to think like that .

She has never thought about divorce ,she didn't wanted to her dad to question himself . But now , she just couldn't help .
The only choice she had was divorce.
Keeping the fact that I been only one and half month to there marriage , she won't be able to get a divorce. She decided to ask for divorce after some time. But she definitely didn't wanted to live with him anymore so she has made her mind to tell about this whole situation to the whole family .

She tried to tell everyone but she felt everytime .
But she has made her mind that she'll tell everyone soon . She has to .

Right now , they both were in office , nowdays  Amy  always works in both the companies .

Office timings were just about to finish , Amy collected her bag and that stack of files that are still waiting for her attention and walked out .

But her clumsy skills decided to kick in , so she stumbled on nothing and fall on the floor . All her files spread lazily on  floor .

"Just  Great ! Can this day become any better !! " Amy muttered to herself and started collecting her files.

Soon a pair of hands heled her .

Amy tucked a few strands of hairs behind her ear , looked up muttering " thankyou ! "

" Amelia ! have you been ??! Remember me ??! " The boy with a crazy smile asked her.

She smiled remembering him
" Aiden ! Off course I remember you silly !! I've been great what about you ?? And What are you doing here ??! "

" I am doing great as always ! Apparently I work here !!.... I shifted back here last month ! "

" That's great !!....You haven't changed even a bit in these years ! " Amy says to him smiling as they both started walking to the main gate.

" I can say the same for you !! You are still that clumsy , not even changed a bit ! " He joked

Amy laughed " what can I say it's a manufacturing defect ....I was born with this great talent !! "

They both laughed.

" Lets grab some coffee for old time sakes ! What do you say ??! " Aiden proposes.

" Yeah  Sure ! " Amy agreed " I would lov" but she was cut off by a deep voice behind him.

" Let's get you home baby !! " Sam says from behind , she turned around and glares at him .

" You are ?? " Sam questions Aiden as he stands besides Amy .

" Aiden Barlow ,Amy's friend ! Nice to meet you" They shakes hands

" Likewise ! "

Her Amy steps in " So coffee "

" It's a bit late for coffee , isn't it ! And we should head back home early ! "Sam says softly to Amelia

" Yeah! It's late for coffee and it can wait ! So some other time !! " Aiden proposes again looking at the man infront of him.

" Okay ! But we are meeting again !!....soon !! " Amy stated .

They bid there buys and after Aiden left from there she get into her car and drive off leaving a confused Sam behind

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