22. Back to office

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Next morning

I was woken up by my alarm , which I set last night, incase I overslept.
Well , it was perfectly set to woke me up as I am sure I won't woke by myself even if it's 11 .

After having a soothing bath and changing into my casual blue ragged jeans with a white crop top paired with a white jacket.

After having a soothing bath and changing into my casual blue ragged jeans with a white crop top paired with a white jacket

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and  offcourse my white sneakers.

We had our breakfast , while auntie Grace force me eat more complaining about me being skinny .

Today , Mr dumbhead was full on his Workoholic mode and he goes office stating a fact that he can't stop working just because he is newly married . World won't stop if he is married .


Well , I was happy for the fact that I don't have to face him for the whole day , he just make me remember everything that is happening just because of him.

Day with Auntie Grace was good , she is loving and caring but it wasn't helping me much to forget my routine .

I haven't seen Ethan and Jenna and my parents and I never thought I will miss them this much .

So taking the time in thought and my mood as I am badly missing my family and even my office life, which I never thought even in my wildest dream I will .

Smiling at my own , I grab my bag and head to office .

As I enter the building I was greeted by familiar , happy yet surprised and confusing faces .
Me being extra happy ignored the last two and move ahead in the building.

Getting into the familiar place and seeing familiar faces I was more than happy and just thinking of seeing Ethan and dad was more than enough for me to be over the moon .

It was lunch time by now , so I just barge in Ethan's room without knocking .
Well , it doesn't matter if it was lunch time or not I would've done the same . As he also barge in my cabin any time without any permission .

But as soon I step in , I regretted it .

I just spoilt someone's romantic moment and was more embarrassed to know that was none other than my brother and best friend.

With the sound of opening door Jenna and Ethan push  back each other as if they electrocuted each other.

Ethan yells  obviously irritated
" What the hell....Amy? " Confused at the end when realises I was the one to disturb them .

Jenna also says irritatedly
" What the hell AMY ? You scared me and What are you doing here ?! "

Whole of my embarrassment and guilt was flown out of the window just from her outburst .

I am here crying my eyes out just because I am missing them and here she just snap at me the moment she saw me .

I mocked them both with a smile
" Hello to both of  you too!! I too missed you two so much !! "Sitting on the chair on his desk.

Jenna sighs and realises her mistake while Ethan ran and jumps on me almost taking me by surprise.

" Amy ! I missed you !! "

"Yeah !! I can see that ! " I mutter

He looks at me with a shy smile and gives me a low laugh.

Jenna also hugs me tight
" Oh Amy ! I missed to kick you off  bed in the morning so much I never thought I would ! " She admits making me laugh.

" Well , even I never thought I would miss that ! " I admits letting out a small laugh and getting the same from both.

" How are you ?! Are you adjusting well in there ?! " Ethan asks me

" I seem to be doing fine with Auntie Grace's company and uncle is also cool , they both are loving ....I just can't help but miss you all . And about the adjustments that will take time ! You can't expect me to complying with everything just in a day !! " I answer truthfully .

He smiles at me weakly
" Amy , you know i am always just a call away , anytime you feel low or wanna talk just ring me and I'll be there , I too miss you ...it's not easy to let you go to other man just like that .... you've been infront of my eyes for your whole life till now , but I think we have to give you a chance so you can also enjoy your  life ahead with a partner! "

I burst into a fit of laughter , offcourse mentally on the last part.

" How is Sam ?! Lemme know if he is being a jerk , i won't hesitate to kick his ass ! " Jenna says tring to lighten my mood .

" You think I would need you to do that ?! You know I can handle that !! " I answer her earning a laugh from both.

" You two  have your lunch , I'll go and meet dad ?! " I says to both of them as I get up and tried to approach door.

"Why not have family lunch ?!" Ethan proposed.

I smiled at him and they follow me

As I step out from the elevator , I practically ran to dad's cabin opening the door wide and taking dad off - guard.

I smile widely at the sight of my dad and ran to his arms .

I found his expressions change from irritation to surprise and then a huge smile plastered on his face as he takes me in his arms .

" Dad ! I feel it has been ages I've seen you ! "

I said softly as I let go of dad's arms .
" I missed you too my baby ! " Dad says softly

" But how are you here ?! " He questions me still too happy .

I frown " can't I came to see my dad ?! Do I need a reason to come here ?! " I question

" Ofcourse not ! " Dad smiles
" It was your break , you married Sam just a day  ago and you are supposed to be with Sam now , enjoying your new life !! I didn't expect you here today ?! "

" Dad I miss you all , thats why I am here and besides Sam is not home , he is busy with some work at office !! "I answered honestly not wanting to tell my dad about my complicated with no interest in my husband married life.

He frowns " he should give you time ! I'll talk to-"

Horror took over me just at the thought that my dad will talk and make him spend time with me which i don't want clearly he does the same .so I cut my dad off

" Dad you don't need to do that , I understand he is busy and he can't just stop everything just because he is married , besides he needs to be more responsible now ! And as for me I can also join also from tomorrow , I am literally bored at home with nothing to do !! " I said with a smile trying to convince dad using some lines from Mr dumbhead 's book that he used at his dad just some hours ago.
Also adding my spark tring to sound like a mature , understanding wife.

But dad looks disappointed
" No ! You are not joining office ! Atleast not too soon , look dear , I know the circumstances in which this marriage has taken place and I know you both need time to accept each other.so just give your time to each other and get to know each other.... Besides Ethan joined office almost a month after his wedding , if he has taken off for so many days so can you ...and now it's decided , you won't come to office and enjoy your new life ! " And from his tone it's clear that this is final and there is no room for discussion .

This is the part why I hate marriage most , I can't come to office now?!

It's my life , I can decide what I want .
I don't want to be like mom and give up everything I have always dreamed of just for a stupid marriage .

And I won't .


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