10 . conversation with Dad

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Next day

This whole day was a waste as dad didn't came back ,I also checked in office but he is out to handle some matters .

We were almost done with our dinner when dad came back .

Mom immediately set a plate of dinner for him also .

As he sits on the table I started
" Dad , I wanna talk to- "
Mom cut me off

" Amy , bad manners ! Is this what I tought you ?! "

I was about to open my mouth when
" Let him have his dinner in peace , and he is just returned , let him take rest , you can discuss whatever you want in the morning ! " She ordered

Mom is right but ...

Dad agreed with her
" I know , what do you talk about , we will discuss this in morning "

I sigh listening to his words at least he is ready to talk to me .

Besides however angry I am ,I can't disobey him .

____ ____

____ ____

I got up super early in the morning , by super early I mean five minutes before my alarm can wake up .

What ?! I thought you guys would have get the idea till now that I am not an early bird .

So it's a very big deal to me if I woke up before my alarm .

After taking a quick bath , I immediately get ready and head downstairs .

I know , dad would be in garden reading newspaper .

I go to dad , he looks at me putting that damn paper down on the table , which has my photograph , to be Exact it has my photograph with my so called to be husband

To be husband ?!

Seriously Amy ?!

No not to be husband , he won't be ,ever.

Looking at dad's face I can see that he is surprised to see me here ,this early .

Why wouldn't he ??
You have broken your record.

Dad clear his throat catching my attention he speaks " yes ?...what do you wanna say ? "

" Dad , I don't wanna marry him ! " I said the words which I was dying to say from the moment he announced that day

" I know ! "He answers calmly

I stare at him wide eyes , so he knows that I don't wanna marry that emotionless bastard .but he is still.

" So dad why are you doing this "I protested

" I am just doing what is best for you ! "His calm is making me go insane , how can he be so calm

" Dad how is this best for me ? I dont want him "I whined as I used to do in my childhood , he has always done as I wished in my childhood .

" I know , but you'll be happy with him "he stated

" I can't see how ?! I don't love him ....heck I don't even like him "anger takes over me

"You will ...with time ,you will love him and it isn't necessary to love your partner before marriage . slowly you will like him and even fall for him , you know our marriage was also an arranged one , but we are happy together "he tries to make me understand but no dad ,I am not not taking this today .

" Dad you two knew each other , but I don't even know him ...he literally just talk to me for the first time before you announce this whole ....mess !! " I stated the matter of fact as there is a huge difference in our situation and my parents situation.

" So get to know him ! Its not like the wedding is tomorrow ...you two have time....go meet him! "My dad said the words that I didn't even imagine he can ever say

" Dad I can't believe this ,you are telling me to go out with a guy ...you never allowed me to "I answered in utter shock

"He is not just a guy , he is your fiancee!! " This statement make my blood boil

" Dad , why don't you just understand ,I don't like him ...I don't want this "I try not be loud as my manners don't allow me to

" Look Amy ! you'll be happy with him and I just want you to be happy , I know, I am being strict but I am doing everything for you ,besides Logan and Grace also loves you and you also love them , I have seen you ,you enjoy their company " he said pointing his motive .

But I can't see my happiness in this whole thing anywhere

I sigh ...taking his words inside then take a deep breath

"Yes dad , I do love uncle and auntie but I am not gonna marry them , its their son who we are talking about , we don't know anything about him "I say politely and , also try to explain him my motive .

Besides ,I stated the matter of fact he is very different from uncle and auntie , and why dad is so adamant that I will be happy with him ?!

" Amy , He is good boy ! I know his parents from years " dad

" He would be a good boy, dad !! But i don't like him , he is very rude and arrogant and cold and ...I trailed off

" How can you say that about him Amy ? Just a minute ago you said you don't know him , you even haven't talked to him properly !! "Dad questions me , trapping me in my own plan .

God ! What did I got myself into?!

Its impossible to Win in an argument with dad

" Meet him , get to know him first" he suggested .

" Okay dad ! But if I don't like him, then I won't marry him "I try to brag

" Its final Amy! You are getting married with him , no more discussion about it "he ordered

" Dad"I cry

" Its final Amy ! "He stated

" Dad what if he rejects to marry me , will you change your decision then " I brag again ,I can't let go any chance.

" He won't "he answered, determined

" But what if he did ,dad ?"I questioned

He sigh " okay , then I won't let you marry him ....but he won't reject you "

I did a happy dance , offcourse in my mind at his words ,I just have to make him reject me !!

How difficult could it be ??
Well , it won't be difficult than to win in an argument with dad!!

" Don't be so happy Amy ,he won't reject you , and you'll get married "he says making me frown

" Dad let me be happy in my moment , if he rejects me I don't have to marry !!" I answer happily

" I didn't say ,you don't have to marry , I said 'you won't get married to him ' "
He says explaining the meaning in his words

" Dad you are not getting ,what I am trying to say ...I don't wanna marry !!...not him ...not anyone !!"I answered him back trying to make him understand my feelings .

" There ain't a choice Amy ,you have to marry to someone , you can't be nun , and it's high time you get married ! Ethan is also marring Jenna !" He ordered

" But da - "

" No buts , it's final !! "

Saying this he moved inside the home .

But I remain standing there trying to get his words that seems to be too much .

_____ _____ ______ ______

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