36. truth or dare

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I finished my food as fast as I could without banging Brittany's head on the table and believe it was a really very tempting thought of mine.

I would love to do that so she can shut her non stopping radio station like mouth atleast for a minute .

The moment she came in , I got her motive to be here today, she will never ever stop comparing her self with me . I dont know what her problem is with me ! She is always jealous of me . She always wants what is mine ...her every move is to make me low in everyone's eye.

And today , I watched a freaking horror movie.
I don't know I'll be alive by tomorrow morning or no .

But I didn't want her to be satisfied, so for that even if I have to really face a ghost today ,I would have ....

I am done with giving her what she wants .... I've done it for years , I always wanted to befriend her but she won't ....and am not gonna do anything for her ....

I sit in hall to calm my nerves and soon everyone join me.

Mr dumbhead takes his seat beside me , am really very thankful today that I didn't scream or else he would have thought am a scaredy cat...

Cami sit near on me who was followed by max

She wisphers to me " you were really great today !!....if she make an another move , I'll kick her out myself ! "

I smile at her , she has always been with me , she hates Brittany more than me .

So I wispher back " just let it be ... It's Jenna's day and I don't wanna spoil it besides am not gonna let her affect me .... Am not gonna let her go easily , if she try anything she'll pay "

She grins

And we were again disturbed by the irritating voice of the year that was from none other than Brittany Cullen

" Guys we are together after such long time.so we should play a game ! Come on , let's start ! " She said enthusiastically ...or should I say over enthusiastically. She stares at me for a second as if challanging me which I return with a snort ...did she really think am afraid and that too of her ...than this girl is living in delusions !!

Jenna questions her , " what are we gonna play ?! "

" Offcourse truth and dare ! "She answers while Clapping her hands together

" Too common !! " I scoff

" We have been apart for a long time , so this is best chance to know what happened with all of us ....and spill everyone's secret ( then she turns to me ) Amy ! Are you scared your secrets will be out or you don't have guts to
Play this ??! " She raised her yes at me .

What the hell is her problem !

" I don't have any secrets , my life is an open book !! Actually it's the other way around , you should be scared , may be all your secrets get out ! " I smirk at her .

" So let's start , shall we ??! "

Not sensing the situation at all max shouted excitedly " oh yeah ! " well , can't blame him , he knows nothing !

Everyone settled and stella spins the bottle ....it stopped on Cami

Stella questions " truth or dare ! "

Cami answer smiling " truth "

Jenna beams " I'll questions ....tell me how did you met max ?! "

Even I wanna questions her the same .how did the both end up together !

She smiles at max " remember Jenna ! At your wedding , I had a show , I met him there !! "

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