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woke up feeling hot and really early today maybe by miracle ,and trust me when I say early it was early cause Sam was still beside me hugging me to him ever so tightly , when I looked outside through window it was still dark .
I glance at the clock ,it says it was 4:17am . How in hell I woke up at 4 , it's is not even morning yet , for me morning starts at seven so when Sun is glowing in sky .

I tried to sleep again but I couldn't first because I was felling too warm for my liking and secondly Sam being this close to me is something my heart can't bear...it was beating wild as if ready to jump out through my mouth and on the other side he is sleeping like a pig .

Maybe I can't sleep because yesterday I slept even  during day .I tried to remove his arm from my waist slowly so i dont disturb his sleep but he just pulled me more closer and now I am practically lying over him.

I tried to remove his arm from my waist slowly so i dont disturb his sleep but he just pulled me more closer and now I am practically lying over him

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Now I was on his chest , he carassed my hairs , I pretended to be asleep , but his closeness was killing .

Has this man decided to give me a coronary today that too this early in morning !

But even I don't want to leave him , whenever I am in his arms I feel safe , at peace and  Cherished.

I don't wanna go anywhere instead of his embrace , yesterday when I going crazy thinking about why Britteny would want to do all this  to me ?... He was the only person in my thoughts ,I just wanted to run into his arms to find this solace ,this peace and I did .
As if I knew I would be at peace only with him .... yesterday , He took care of me as if I was. A baby .

I know I like him, how could not I ,how can anyone resist the charms of this man.
But now I feel it is something more than liking , I never felt like this anyone , it's so strange and strong that even I don't know what to name it .

What I felt for Liam was nothing like I feel for him . Why the  hell I am comparing Sam with Liam , that scum of a cheater.

Cheater ! I can't even call him cheater cause he was never into me .so that just makes that nothing .

I don't hate Liam , what he did to me was something that he did in love and everyone make mistakes and huge one of them in love .
The main thought that eating me inside is Brittany ! Why she hate me this much ? What have I done to her . It's not my fault that jen is my best friend .she was jealous because jen has was with me and cami most of the time but that includes cami too . But she don't hate cami as much she hate me !
I think if I keep thinking about that my head will explode...so I should just confront them both and ask for answers.
That's best.
Yes! I will ask them both today itself ,I can't keep all this mess in my head it is already driving me crazy.

I sighed and then I lift my head from his chest and looked up to see his sleeping face.
His hairs were a mess , he has long lashes for a man , his lips were curved a little up , I smile at him and raked my hand through his hairs . He looked heavenly  even sleeping .how can someone look this hot while sleeping .

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