35. Horror movie!!

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Samuel's POV

This is the first time , I am having a friend's time like this .

I am not much of a talker , I always have been listener so that's why I didn't have so many friends .

Hell , I only have Max , he is my best friend and my only friend... We met in school , when he shifted to vagus with his family ....he always tried to talk to me like others but I was not much into making friends .

But this fool didn't budge till he became friend and that actually took almost one year .

But I am glad that he is my friend , and from that day onwards he has been with me .

But we never have this kind of friends time ....it was so childish for me ....when we were kids we usually video games and now We usually go for racing or basketball .

But I never have watched a movie with my friends. And I don't like to waste my time in this stupid fiction stories .

But today I came here with Amy ... She was so happy to come here and don't know why but I wanted to see her happy and also wanna be the part of it.
And one another reason for me to come here was my behavior with her last night.

And I am not regretting my decision , the look on her face was priceless. She was so free and happy .... The first thing ,I saw when I enter in her house she was crushed in a hug by Cami ,and not so long after Jenna joins them .

And right now ,she is staring at the screen while I am staring at her....her face expression are more intrusting than some cliche movie .

She is laughing freely , her smile is pure as a child , she is watching the movie being oblivious to her surroundings....while in between some time she glance at me, but my reflex is faster than her and I compose myself with the same straight face .

The movie was about to end when two girls enters ...and I do remember this girl named Britney , she was talking to Amy that day but their conversation was rather heated ....and when I joined I sensed they both are not on good terms with each other.

But what is she doing here?!...oh yea ... She is Jenna's cousin !!

As she enters Amy's reaction changed from happiness to pissed .

She greet every one ,but I was not paying attention to her .

Then she came to Amy and congratulates her on our wedding and at the same time she apologise for not attending .

But what I hear next make me stunned.
" Oh thankyou so much for your wishes , and don't be sorry for not attending you two were not invited, I personally made sure of that " these were the exact words Amy throw at her without any hint of humour . She was dead serious .

And I got that she really hates her.... For now , I was thinking she just hates me .

But now ,I know she doesn't hate me , cause she never talked to me like this .she is never this cold to me.

She was really not pleased with her presence here and she just sit beside me trying to be comfortable but was really not , and waited patientlessly for the movie to end.

As it came to end , she gets up to leave , but then Brittany decides to play a horror movie and says her to leave as she would be scared .

I really didn't think that she would be scared of anything let alone a stupid horror movie ....that are all graphics .

But the look on her face clearly describes that she is hell scared , even Ethan ask her to leave.

But then she dares to watch that stupid movie , just to prove her wrong .

As the lights go off... Ethan texts me

' she is scared but she won't leave no matter what ...just take care and calm her down please ! "

I diverted my eyes to him and give him a nod .

But how the hell , I am supposed to do that !!!

Then I averted my eyes to see her , looking at the screen like that is the most beautiful creature of this world ....but fear was clear on her face.

I didn't move my eyes from her face even for a second , just then a scream echoed through the room from the movie and she flinched and bit her lip so hard to prevent herself from screaming and I feared that it'll bleed right away ...her hand lands on my arm on my lap and she clutched to it hardly .

That was the mont , I got to know about how much she is scared at the same time how much stubborn she is .

Her nails were digging in to my arm but she refused to back off from this challenge she has accepted .

After some moments , there was a glimpse of the imaginary ghost that seems to be joker to me on the screen and she closed her eyes tightly at this scene , bit her lip so tight and with the same force she digs her nails into my arm that my flesh couldbe cut anytime soon.

I wrap my other arm around her waist and held her closer to me than she was before .her body was cold but soon she relaxed in my arms leans in to me.

But she didn't stop biting her lip neither does she let go my arm .

When the movie ended , only then she let go my arm and her lip, both of them were blood red by now .

She got up and said " this movie was just fine ! Let's go , am hungry !! "

Everyone followed her out , but I heard Cami saying to Jenna " when did she started watching horror movies ?! I clearly remember when she was 15 she woke up screaming inthe night just because she saw the cover of my horror novel!! "

Jenna answer " she never watched ! You know , how stubborn she is , I just hope she does't gets any nightmare tonight ! "


We all ate together but it was not all in silence because Britteny and stella keeps talking about their trip with their boyfriends but my whole attention was on Amy ! She was clutching her fork so tightly . Her expression shows clearly how much pissed she is !!
But I just wonder why ?!



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