17. Practice

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My feet are still swollen but no one cares ......I think

They still want me to go for dress fitting .

God that is too tiring ...to wear such a long gown it takes too much of energy and then the most difficult part when you have to walk .

God !!

Last time , when I go for dress fitting ,that was almost week ago or so , that dress was loose .

So the main point is , I have to go again.

So here I am, in the fitting room , struggling hard to get in this white fitting dress that looks stunning but its takes hell of an energy to be in it .

I mean ,this is so long ... literally long , why they have to waste so much cloth .it's so long ....I am practically sweeping the floor with it .

It fits me perfectly ,shows my curves

But ,if by any chance ,my foot get struck in this gown
I don't that to happen
But I'm sure it will happen

I will be a show for everyone .

" Its perfect !! You look gorgeous Amy !! " Jenna cries.

" Well ,thank you ! Can I change this now , I am not so acquained in this...you got it right? "

Jenna raises his eyebrows questioning me

" I mean ...I am not feeling comfortable in this ...it's so ...so " I stopped not getting a suitable word to describe my feelings and then I add"large"

She rolls her eyes
" Its obvious Amy ! No girl wears a bridal gown everyday ...it's your first time wearing it ...and this makes everyone nervous ! "

Okay ! So that's not weird !
I thought ,it is only happening with me .


After a tiring week , I was free for some time to rest

I just sprawl on the couch in hall .I was too tired to Climb stairs so I can land in my room
So I landed in hall instead of my room .

Well ,what can I say I am a lazy ass

Well , I do need rest ,I have a long day tomorrow , that gonna turn my life into my worst nightmare .

Well , actually I am gonna live my nightmare tomorrow .

Whoah ! I really have guts .

" Hey ! Get up , who told you to sprawl here like a drunk ass!" Jenna kicks me hard.

" Please Jenna ! I'm really very tired ...and in no mood for your dramas "

" Amy get up ! You really need some practice ! " It was mom

" Practice for what ??! " I question

Both of them hold my hands and pull me to stand on my feet then drag me in the centre .

" What's happening ?! What are you two planning to ?! " I question

" Nothing dear ! I told you ...its all for you , ....we know you well , so we just want you to practice ! "Mom says

" Practice what ?? "

" To walk ! " Jenna mocked

" Well , i think I am not a toddler for you two to teach me how to walk , and if you really think of me as a toddler then why are you all want me to marry ....that is child marriage ! That's illegal ....cancel the wedding !! !!" I shout , tring again to save my life from turning into a hell .

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