16. Ring shopping

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Its been more than one month , Ethan and Jenna came back their honeymoon two weeks ago and from then my life has been a hell !! As my wedding is also coming .and we have so much shopping to do .

__ __

I woke up with a loud noise in my ears .


I groan at this irritating item named as alarm . I wonder , why in the bloody hell someone discover this irritating thing in the first place.

I sit up , grasp my bedside alarm , turn it off without wasting another second I sprawled again on my baby drifting towards a deep slumber .

I was not in a deep sleep yet , when my bedroom door opened wide , i nuzzled in my warm blanket and pull it over my head as I knew what is going to happen next

" Amy ! Wake up ...it's so late ! " Jenna shouts at me .

I ignore her as if I am deaf.

She shakes me hard and pull my blanket off my head.
" Wake up  sleepyhead !! " She yells once again shaking me .

" Don't you have anything better to do , this early on this morning Jenna ??! " I yelled back pulling that blanket on me again .

" no !! " She smirk at me .

" Really Jenna ! Go to your husband and do something better than disturbing me !! " I smirk back

She turn crimson red .

" Ah huh ! Blushing !! " I grin .

" Stop it Amy ! He is your brother ! " She stated utterly embarrassed.

" So what ?! You are my bestie ...and I don't understand why are so embarassed you are married and he is your husband " I smirked as I got a chance to tease her using her own words.

" Don't worry ! You'll get to know just two days more !! " And it was her time to smirk .

No need for the wakeup check

And my mood takes a drastic fall .

Yes ! I am getting married .
A day after tomorrow I am marring to Mr Dumbhead .

" Was it really necessary to remind me ?! " I said sitting up on my bed my sleep long gone.

And mom comes in
" Amy you are still in the bed ? Its so late , I wonder what you'll do after your wedding ,it's not good to be in bed this late , now hurry up! ,we gotta go... we're getting late , we have so much shopping to do "she says .

I roll my eyes at my waking timing , what does anyone have to do with me waking late .

I need my beaty sleep

" Well mom, she is supposed to be in bed for late ,you know ...and she will " Jenna smirks and my mom laughs on their own joke.

" You girls !! But you are right !" My mom supports her and laugh.

Creepy people

" Stop laughing ! I wont change for anyone ,no matter what ! ...and mom , it's been a whole week that we are going for shopping daily !! I am really very tired !....gosh how much you wanna shop? " I said coming out of my bed.

" Amy , it's your wedding , I want everything perfect...and in evening , you are going to buy ring with Samuel , he is back ....and you two can choose your rings together " mom exploded an another bomb on me .


That too with Mr Dumbhead .

I walk towards my bathroom door while rubbing my eyes.

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