20. Alone

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After dance , we move back into the hall .

It was about time to end this celebration .

Uncle Logan said to Samuel beside me , " Sam it's time , we are also leaving now and you'll drive your wife home ! "

My eyes goes wide.

That means I have to go with him ....to his house .

No !!
I dont want to go to his home.

I don't want to leave my home .

I can't leave my mom, dad , Ethan and now Jenna is also there .

I don't want to leave my family .

Without me knowing , tears pools out of my eyes , and I only realised when Ethan wipes them.

" My sweetie , don't cry ! You know I hate to see you in tears "

I hug my brother tight without leaving any space .

" I don't wanna leave you all !! " I said between my sobs .

" You are not leaving us , we are in same city , remember !! I'll come to see you ! " he cooed

Jenna speaks from behind in a crying tone
" Won't you miss me ?!"

" How can you even say that ?! " I said to her

" Time to group hug ! " She said and join us both

After a long time we broke our hug and I see my parents standing there.

I ran and jump on my mom
" I'll miss you mom ! "

Then I hug my dad " don't cry My baby !! You'll be happy happy "

I didn't say anything as I don't know what to say , what to do !

" Won't you miss your old man ?! " Dad says softly

" Offcourse I will ! "

The fireworks cracked in the sky making beautiful glowing patterns


Now , I was moving to his home in his car when he drives

The drive was silent , just as I needed .I am no mood to talk to anyone .

I move my gaze towards window staring at the moving buildings past me .

The drive was long but finally it come to an end .

It was a huge mansion but not like I haven't seen any mansion before so I'll be flattered .
I was also living in one from my birth .

We entered, there was auntie Grace in the hall , she smiles at us and came to me .

" I am so happy that I finally brought you home !! ...you'll be tired from today ....go and take rest ...it was along day ....Sam , take her to the room ! "

I smile at her , I really needed a person who can love me as I was loved in my home .

" Come " I hear Mr dumbhead and he hold  his hand out for me but I ignored it as I never saw that, instead I hold my gown with both my hands and pull it just little bit above my feet so I won't make my in-laws impressed with my inborn talent on the very first day .

He immediately composed himself and pinch his nose bridge.

He moved further in the hall towards the stairs , as I follow him through stairs to upstairs and finally after a long corridor we enter a room .

I was tired as hell to notice surroundings ....

I looked at the corner where my suitcase was kept .

I immediately open that and in the top , there was my nightwear .

Just what I needed the most , I immediately got a hold of that and head to washroom .
I stood near the mirror , look at my tear stricken face.

I have to be strong enough to handle everything now .

Amy  you decided to take your revenge on him ,
He took your wonderful life from you and now it's your turn ...make his life miserable, turn it into a hell .

Just because of him , I have to leave my family ...I miss them now .

If he had just agreed to call this off , everything would have gone back to normal . But not now...

I have seen him several times , he loves his mom .

But I will snatch his mom from him , I know auntie Grace loves me , but I will make her love me more then him .

So he will get to know , what it feels like to be away from your loved once.

I remove bunch of pins from my hairs which were holding my hairs into an elegant bun from morning but also giving me a immense headache .

What ?! I am not use to put nails in my hairs .

My hairs falls free on my shoulders.then I suffered for some time to get out of this fitting gown to take a breath .

And finally I strip down that gown and take a long hot soothing shower.

After changing into my nightwears i step into the room .
Bouncing my hairs and waving my handing through them

As I enter I see him typing furiously on laptop , he was sitting on the study table

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As I enter I see him typing furiously on laptop , he was sitting on the study table ....he looks at me for a sec or may be less than a sec and averted his gaze back to laptop .

Did he just ignored me ?!
What does he think of himself ?!

Whatever ! It's not like I'm dying for his attention ....I don't care .

So I also ignored him and move straight to bed and I lay on right side.
Because girls are always right .

I miss my baby ....aww my sweet baby.

But I have to compromise now !!

I tried hard to sleep but dream is like not in my list right now .

And with the background music my so called newly created husband is adding is like a cherry on the cake .

His furious typing is not helping at all , i closed my eyes again but only one thought was eating my mind that I am alone now!!

No one is with me !!
Everyone loved me ,they all bare my all kind of ta tantrums

However strict my dad was , but at the end he agreed to my all demands but not without adding any rule .

I smile remembering that

But now....

I sighed and turn the bedside light off .

Tried to sleep again ....and eventually due to tiredness my eyes becomes heavy and drifted to a deep slumber ....

_____ _____

_____ _____

I know , this chapter was kinda off .....but you gotta understand she is girl , who just got married to a total stranger whom she knows not even a bit ....and obviously she miss her family ....she never realised , she will miss them too much ...as she always wanted to be alone and independent .....but she doesn't wish even once to leave them .

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