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It's been two hours , am sitting on couch and gawking at TV screen watching some cliche movie.

I am bored .

I switched TV off and walked towards study room.
I barged in without knocking and as usual found  Mr Workoholic drowing in heaps on files.

His one hand typing on keypad of his laptop while in the other hand he had a black file.

I promt on the empty chair and tap on his table to make my presence known.

He looked up his frown turn into a smile at my sight and he asks me a question out of blue
" Missing me ?? " With a grin

I roll my eyes  at his playfulness
" We live under the same roof and I saw you like two and half hour ago ! "

He grinned " you are keeping records ! Aww ! You missed me so much that you were counting minutes ! "

I scoffed " you wish ! "

He chuckles and asked me seriously " what happened ! "

" I am bored! " I whined , don't mind me but he succeeded in turning me into a whining kid . He pampers me more than a kid.

" Why don't you meet your friends ??! " He proposed .
Oh I wish I could

" Jenny is out with Max as you may know....and I can't handle a pregnant Jenna high on her hormones !! She is driving Ethan crazy "

He hummed in response, I looked at his face he looked tired but he has lot of work to do , maybe I can make him a coffee.

" But you are busy and I shouldn't waste your time ! " I said getting up .

I watched him closing his files , I frowned " what are you doing ?! "

" You said you are bored so- "

"Oh no! You don't have to ....I was just ! Just leave it .... you're busy maybe I can get you a coffee! "

His eyes went wild
" NO ! No coffee! " He almost yelled

" I can handle this later! But when you are bored things end up bad for me !! " He mused

I raised an brow like saying ' care to eleborate '

" Last time you were bored I end with a coffee in suger syrup .....or things like itching powder on me , glue on my chair and sticked to my seat for three hours straight ! " Oh poor boy is Scared of me .

"You know ,I won't do that again!" I murmured softly

" I know ! ....I was just kidding ,let's go watch some movie! " He pulled me with my arm to living room

" no ! Not movie....it's been two hours I was doing the same ! "

" So what do you wanna do ?!"
" I don't know ! " I sighed .

" Umm....what about a drive?! And you can also have some ice cream on our way back !" He suggested and I squealed .
Already loving the idea.

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