Chapter 40 (Light Magic vs Dark Magic)

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It was silence. The tension was intense as ever. The bright light glowed at one place while the other watched in fear and stance.

Patri, who was now impersonating as an individual known as Licht, was holding onto an injured Sally. His eyes began to water, tears flowing down his face. He cupped her face, "Just look at you, Sally. Poor thing, they've hurt you so badly."

"I tried... Master." She said weakily.

"You did well. Now it's time for you to rest. Valtos."

"Yes Sir." He brought his hand out forming a portal under her. Patri let go off her as she floated inside the portal.

Sally glances at Asta, "Bye Asta. See you later." She gave that psychotic smile, "Don't forget precious you belong to me."

Please just leave me alone!!!! Asta was freaking out.

Isabella turned to Theresa, "Sister, I believe you must leave. Take care of the children, they need you."

"Very well. It is always the weak who suffers more no matter what battlefield we go to. That's why I left the battlefield and joined the church."

"You did a noble thing, Ma'am." She turned to Patri, "Leave the rest to us. Take that boy too." She was referring to the boy in white, Nigel.

"Gauche!" Isabella looks at the Mirror Mage, "Get the Sister to safety. And stop gaging!" Gauche snapped from his shock looking at Isabella, who was giving a firm look.

Patri frowned, For someone to know the truth; you sure are calm at such situation, Bella.

"I am blamed for this." Valtos spoke, "I should have never sent her here by herself. This outcome was unexpected."

"You needn't fell responsible for this. We all know how they fight. No doubt they resorted to underhanded tactics." Patri spoke.

Theresa and Nigel left along with Gauche.

"You're saying that we fight dirty? After what that crazy lackey of yours did to those poor children." Asta grunted in annoyance

"You know, it's isn't the weak who pay. Not at all. It is the strong who have been victimized. Envy, feared, discriminated against, persecuted and stolen from."

What's he talking about? Is he crazy? Asta thought to himself in annoyance, already furious at the current situation. This guy was simply adding more salt to the sourness of this dilemma

Isabella shook her head, "Not at all, Licht."

His smile disappeared.

"It is not just the weak or the strong that is victimized. It is all the souls that are born in this world."

Everyone looked in confusion.

"Isabella?" Asta asked.

"You might think I'm wrong. Perhaps I might be. But look at me." She brought her hands out at her side, with a soft smile on her face, "Am I not a weakling? Am I not some frail pathetic excuse of a blind trash that came out from dirt? I am weak, aren't I? And yet at the same time... I'm also capable to protect myself."

"So what does it matter if I am weak or strong. It's everyone in this world, who suffers for whatever steps they take."

"Isabella..." Patri sighed.

Valtos turned to his master, Master Licht truly cares about this child.

"That may be true." Patri's smile turned emotionless, "But the Clover Kingdom cannot be forgiven. Instead they will all be destroyed as you wretchedly deserve and build a nation of our own." He brought his hand out to Isabella, "Join us Isabella." Isabella gave out a small gasp, "You are not of this world. The Clover Kingdom cannot keep you save. Let me save you before it's all over."

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