Chapter 12 (The curse that is cured)

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It was around one at the morning, the entire squad was in slumber, the fountain water's faint splashing filled the area. The stars in the sky shine bright as the moon reflected its reflection in the water. The white blue rays shines spreading around the headquarters.

William opened his eyes from his slumber, feeling comfortably happy. It's been so long since he felt so relaxed. Ever since the curse lifted from his face and the poison effect, he had been really relieved. Although, he still had no idea how the scar disappeared.

He got up from his bed and walked towards the window. He wore a white noble night dress, his mask rested on the table next to his bedside. He opened the window to feel the cold breeze which was now hitting on his face. He inhaled the fresh air with a smile, his wild white hair dancing within the wind.

Well, that was indeed a close call...

William smiled as he heard Patri spoke in his mind.

"Come now..." he spoke, "Even you are relieved at what just happened. All honesty, I was worried of what would happen if the poison had gotten worse on us."

That is true, we are safe though.

"And it's all thanks to Isabella."

Yes, that girl is truly one of a kind.

William heard a sigh coming from his mind. Patri's sigh, "What is it?" the world tree magic mage asked.



Another sigh, I guess I'm just disappointed at the fact that Isabella... is actually a human. No human in my eyes, except you are any good. Isabella however...proved me wrong. Patri chuckles, That's one more human to count.

William soon noticed Isabella at the fountain, facing the fountain, listening to the water flowing.

For some reason, it made both the males expression crest fallen. Just how much one girl has to face without her eye sights? What a horrible existence she must have, and yet...

Isabella then faced somewhere else, making William's attention on her. The blind girl walked near a grassy area. She kneeled down, holding onto an injured bird, with its wings broken.

"Poor thing."

Within William's mind Patri stares at the girl with his lips parted a little.

Isabella closed her eyes, placing her hand together, "Light magic: Healing light particles."

Patri looks with wide eyes as Isabella hands shines in a golden light.

The blind girl opened her hands, the bird completely healed. The bird stood, jumping in Isabella hand. Isabella gave a smile. She can see the orange color of the small creature. She smiled, sensing the bird happily chipping. She swings her arms together, giving boost to the bird to fly. The bird jumped flying freely up in the sky.

Isabella give a small grin. William smiled at the girl's innocence and purity. Patri looks in surprise. It reminded him of the time when he told him of how humans and elves would understand and live together in harmony.

Who are you, Isabella? Patri thought to himself

Isabella then walked back to the fountain. She was about to head back to the corridors, until she stopped. She turned to the window, where William stood. The captain perked up, amazed at the fact that Isabella spotted him despite his magic level was minimum. The girl was interesting but exceptional frightening as well. The girl walked towards the window and looks up to see William. She waved.

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