Chapter 43 (Magic Knight Captains VS Third Eye)

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"You sure are having a lot of fun, Yami." Jack stick his tongue out as he said, "You should let the rest of us handle this." He then focuses his eyes on the third eye, "So every one of you is stronger than a magic knight captain, huh?" He licked his blade, "We'll see."

"So you all were here before you showed up?" Isabella asked as she blinked in surprise.

"We just got here and happened to hear the earlier conversation." Charlotte commented as she turned to Isabella, "More importantly, you gave out the message to most of us Captains and perhaps the Wizard King."

Asta looks at Isabella with sparkly eyes, "really Izzy!? You called these three out!?"

Isabella just shrugged, "I called only those Captains and Magic Knight Squad members who were actually nearby our location. I did not expected for my music communication magic to be very efficient at long range distance. It should be able to cover up most of the Common Realm."

It was true that Isabella communicated with the other squads for help. A memory flashed as Yami and Asta individualy battled with Patri and Valtos while Isabella silently stayed put. She took her Grimoire out, flipping through pages and activating a spell.

The spell sent out radio waves around the Common Realm, seemingly reaching to the Black Bulls, the Green Praying Mantis and the Blue Rose Squad.

"After your music waves were sent out for help, we got a message from Marx too. Through him, we got a report regarding what happened at Neon Village and got there quick." Charlotte explained, "After reaching there we felt Yami's and three unknown powers that was coming near the mountain area."

"I was actually passing by." Nozel spoke, "I didn't expect to run into Charlotte and Jack."

"Man." Yami groaned, "Just when I was about to have a waking too." He then turned to Isabella "If you did contact the Captains why didn't you contact Vangeance?"

Patri made a small sound.

Isabella just shrugged, "I can only contact those who are near our location or more commonly, the common region. Captain Vangeance isn't even near. Furthermore, our base is in the noble realm. He wouldn't even get the message."

Patri's lips were parted, Did she not realized?

Yami sighed and looks at his fellow Captains, "What are you doing here, my all and mighty Captains."

Nozel glared at him, "I would expect someone with your position to speak with greater care. You better watch your back, foreigner because I will see you executed one of these days. I swear it."

"Geez, look at your hair. How am I supposed to take you seriously?"

"Pitiful." Charlotte spoke professionally, "You couldn't handle a few mezilling mages without us?"

Yami made small tsk sound, "Come on, cut me some slack, huh?"


"Three of them..."

"Who are they?"

Finaral and Asta looks at Gauche with their mouth dropped open, "You're kidding!" Finral sighed, "They're Magic Knight Captains."


"Are you even a little interested?"

"They aren't Marie so..."

"You really got to work on this little sister thing." Finral turns to the captains, "Captain of the Green Praying Mantises, Jack the riper, wielder of savouring magic. A super sate who enjoys taring things in two." Jack was shown trying to stick his tongue to his nose, "Apparently he and Captain Yami flattened a mountain during one of their spats."

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