Chapter 51 (His cursed fate)

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In the royal infirmary, the Captain of the Crimson Lion King was in a peaceful slumber. No noise or clamour would seem to disturb him if ever made. Ever since the attack at the Capital, no sign of his awakening were found. The hand that was created from his flames still remained. It was quite astonishing how the flame did not seem to leave any burn marks around anywhere. In fact, if one were to touch it, they were to remain completely unharmed.

That was exactly what Doctor Owen was doing as he examined Fuegoleon's flaming hand. Sitting comfortably on a wooden chair, he managed to move his arms with the help of his healing recovery spell. He slowly but surely touched the blazing arm. It surprised him of how the flames do no harm him at all. Heck, not even Feugoleon appears to be in pain. On the contrary, the flames felt comforting. Perhaps it could be like this due to Feugoleon being a flame magic user?

Soon a knock interrupted him from his thoughts. He turned to see the door opening, a hand gently holding the door, with Isabella entering with a soft smile.

Owen smiled, "Aha, Isabella. Very nice to meet you dear girl."

"Very nice to meet you to sir." The blind girl bowed lightly, "I apologize if I came at the wrong time..."

"No. No. Not at all." The doctor gives a light laugh, "If you must know, Captain Feugoleon is doing pretty well. He might wake up in no time."

"Thank goodness." Isabella entered, closing the door from behind. She approached the doctor, holding onto her brown bag, "I actually wanted to show you this, "She took out the jar of liquid painkiller, "I actually made this painkiller with help of some flowers."

Owen gentle took the jar from Isabella and begins opening the jar. He leaned closer, smelling the beautiful fragrance, "It smells absolutely wonderful. Such work of arts and delicacy. Thank you very much Isabella. This will surely be helpful for the future."

"I'm glad you like it. Oh and I also have these flowers too." Isabella took the flowers out from her bag, "Hopefully these will help too. It was available in the garden and I thought that maybe it can help you in making more medicines."

Owen gives a small laugh. "I will try my best but making critically effective medicines like these are more of your expertise. Will you help me out in what can be made though?"



This made both of them startle at the sound of the unknown scream. Whoever it was, were probably in a severe pain.

"Well, from the sound of it, I've got new patient." With that, Doctor Owen got up from his chair. He approached the door opening it, "Come on as well, Isabella." The doctor gestured her outside, "Let's have Feugoleon rest up. Why don't you help me out with the patient as well, hmm?" That said, he left the room, leaving the door opened. Isabella looks on in confusion.

Meanwhile, the new patient was already in the hallway as they were being carried by none other by the mighty Captain Yami Sukihiro... in a death grip. Asta dangled his legs trying to break free, whining and yapping from the pain that the older man was inflicting on him. Both of Asta's hands were wrapped in bandages and white clothing.

"Pleeeeaaasseee!" Asta pleaded pathetically in pain.

"Seriously kid?" Yami began to taunt lazily as he holds on to Asta by the head, "Are you physically incapable for not fighting something like this? Do you have some kind of disorder?"


"Come on..."

"Please put me down!"

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