Isabella's eye sights

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Young Isabella is a girl with no sight. In other words, she's blind. But she had a way of seeing things or perhaps feeling them. Her magic was related music, as seen when she sang. Through her visionless eyes, she is able to see people. But in a different circumstances. Through her music magic, she is able to sent sound or music waves to feel her surroundings. They are formed in different colours and shape. When it detects a human, it forms a white shape of the human people walking around. It can even show the walls and plants as well.

In other words, through her blind eyes, she was able to see a person's soul (something that nobody knows, just us though, lol!) 

Here is the list of colour that she can identify through her Mana:

Human= White (males)/grey (females)

Animal= Orange

Plants= Light green

Water= Light blue

Other objects= Yellow

Grimoire= Golden

Magic = Purple

Elf: Dark green

Witches: Dark blue

Black: Seriousness/ sickness/ curse

Red: Something evil/ demonic

For Isabella to identify a person, every person would have different patterns within their souls. further will be explained when she encounters other people in the future chapters. 

(In case, still having problems in understanding, then know that this version of sights has been inspired by watching Dororo, Hyakkimura's visions.)

Thank you!

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