Chapter 2(The Magic Knight Captains)

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"Blind!? YOU'RE BLIND!?" Asta yelped in shock as he had stars in his eyes, "THAT'S SO COOL! I mean it's sad that you are blind and all, BUT YOU ARE STILL STRONG! AND THAT'S WHY IT'S SO COOL!!!"

"Thank you but I doubt I will get into any squad..." Isabella spoke humbly, making Asta's excitement to die down, "Honestly, I didn't know about an exam. I was curious to join and take one. Even though I use magic, I can't tell whether it is good or bad. I suppose that is when you're blind." She said the last part with a sad chuckle.

Asta just shook his head, "Not at all! It's a good thing to get strong and strive for greatness. I regularly do thousands of crotches and push ups and drink an energy drink-"

"Disgusting energy drink..." Yuno piped in bluntly.

"Shut up, Yuno!" Asta then turn to Isabella, "My point is to never give up no matter the odds. Besides..." he grinned and looks at Yuno , "My magic is never giving up, not until I become the next wizard king!"

Isabella's blind green eyes widened in surprise, this boy had a lot of faith in him. She smiled, he may be magic less, but that doesn't mean he's weak.

"What are you saying, Asta?" Yuno closed in eye's, looking annoyed. Asta sensing his mood turned to look up at his rival, "I'm going to become the wizard king."

"Hey, no fair! I'll be the wizard king!"

"Do you have a Grimoire?"

Asta and Yuno both look at Isabella who smiled, looking at their interaction.

"Do you have a grimoire, Asta?" she again asked.

Asta grinned, "Sure do, here!" he took his Grimoire out. Asta then realized as his eyes snapped wide, holding the Grimoire down, facing her right to her face, "Oh right, sorry about that..." he backed off a little, holding onto his Grimoire near his chest. He realized that the girl was blind.

Isabella hold her hand out to touch his Grimoire, only to stop her hand few inches from the Grimoire, she slowly sends out her music waves, only to get haunting red waves. Her eyes widened, this Grimoire.

She descended down her hands and smiled, "Well, as long as you have a Grimoire, you know what to do."

Asta grinned, "You bet!"

Isabella bowed, "I'll see you later." With that, she took her leave, leaving Asta and Yuno behind.

In an instant, all the anti magic birds that were around Asta came flying towards him. He only yelped as they begin to use their beaks on him.


"What the hell?" one of the contestants chuckled seeing Asta being chased by the anti magic birds. A young woman with the male contestant chuckled as well.

"Nothing like a nice welcome to the big city." Another sheepishly replied.

"GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" Asta yell as he ran.

He soon bumped into a big muscular guy, which made all the anti magic birds frozen in fear and fly away from Asta.

"Phew! Guess they finally had enough." He then turned to the man, "hey there, sorry about that."

"You got a death wish, kid?"

Asta's eyes widened in fright, WHO IS THIS GUY!?

Within the crowd Isabella faced what was going on. She sent her music waves, to see the version of Asta beginning held by the head by another man who looked much stronger than anyone over here. He was tall and muscular in built. He also had wild hairs like Asta.

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