Chapter 54 (The Star Festival: Part 1: The Maiden of Hope)

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Weeks passed since the day Isabella met Patri once again. The recent venture of the eye of the midnight sun made the wizard king at the other captains, even more alert about their next move that Julius decided that actions need to be taken in order to stop them for good. Patrols and researches were done along with analysis of their next move. That was something Klaus, Mimosa, Yuno and Isabella did at glittering a night, when everyone were in deep slumber.

The news of Asta's hands revival was slow but steady. The four young mages of golden dawn were delighted to hear it. The anti magic boy never give up and finally did what others thought was impossible. Hearing the terrific disclosure, made Isabella jittery that she head to the black bulls headquarter to see Asta for herself.

Low and behold, she saw her brother figure. All she felt was overwhelming happiness as she ran to embrace the boy, who escaped from his cursed fate. His silhouette that once consisted of the disturbing shades of black now was all white and bright. Asta was at first dazed by this, since he had never seen Isabella act like this. But nonetheless, he embraced her back, the moment she saw her shed tears.

It made him remember back when she first tried to help him out with his arms. She felt gravely responsible for not being any help. It made Asta immediately reassure her and toured her around the black bulls' headquarters. And she can definitely say that he trip inside the black bulls base was quite eventful.

Currently, the preparations for the star award festival were taking place. With sir Vangeance's permission, Isabella too, part take in its preparation, helping the residence and constructors out. With her constant visit at each of the realm, she was loved and well known by nobles and commoners. They trust her so much that they handled Isabella to do all the planning. Isabella gratefully helped them out at her best performance. Sometimes she stumbled a bit, but with everyone's' help and their trust to her, they arranged everything for the day to finally come.

The workers were lifting some of the heavy load, getting it out of the way; some prepared their shops, like food, games, house of horror and other things that Isabella was learning.

Isabella was seen wearing her white dazzling frock, covered with decorated leaves and branches, ticking of the last thing in the list she made with her companions.

"That's the last of them all." Isabella declared with a smile.

The male worker with her, give a toothy grin, "That's a good thing to know, little miss."

One man yawned, "Man, what a busy day!"

A woman gives a sunny smile, "You were amazing at handling this, little Isabella. You really are something despite your disability."

"Thank you ma'am." Isabella gives a small bow.

"As expected of the golden dawn's maiden of hope."

Isabella just remains smiling. A smile that seemed to flatten.

Yes, that was what she was called by everyone. The Maiden of Hope. Despite her blind eyes, she was always giving hope and happiness with the smile on her face. A smile that would make anyone's' heart melt. But Isabella herself... what does she think about this...?

"I must go now. Tomorrow is a big day." She gives a beaming smile to her helpers, along with covering up the disturbed feelings within her as she says her goodbye to the others.

Flying on top of her broom seemed like a short journey for her. Perhaps it was due to the fact that she was thinking for so long. Why the clover kingdom did even called her that? Maiden of Hope. She never felt any hope within her. To her, it was a wishful thing. But she can only think of it as a happiness that comes and goes by. Perhaps that's hope?

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