Chapter 63 (The Desperate Path Towards Survival)

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The tower of the Grimoires stood tall and aloof from the village of the elves as nightfall approaches. The stars twinkled with beauty, along with the moon bathing its light to the nature of the world. As peaceful as it seemed, it did not do anything to calm the nerves of a lone elf, who stood in front of the tower, gazing at it with wonder and concern. The slender elf with a long braid blinked slowly as he looks upon the tower. With a sigh, he begins to approach the tower's interiors.

He opened the door, half of his form entering to see if anyone else was present, "Hello? Anyone here?"

"Ah Licht! Come inside my boy." An elderly elf spoke, gesturing him to come inside. He was standing on at the center, staring above at the ceiling, in front of him.

The younger elf fully entered into the tower, closing the door with a soft clip. He approached the elder elf.

"You called sir?"

The elder looks at the younger elf with a tranquil look, "Yes, I have some very urgent news to tell you." He diverted his attention, "Although, I myself am not sure of how to describe this. Whether this connected to you directly or indirectly... only time will tell."

"Pardon me?"

The elder looks back at the sword mage once more, "My boy, have you ever heard of the universal Grimoire?

"The universal Grimoire?" The younger elf blinked in surprise, he indeed heard of it, "Yes, it is the Mother of all Grimoires. It is said to be God's Grimoire as it was the first Grimoire ever made by God themselves. Through that very Grimoire, other Grimoires and other form of magic was born."

"Yes, that is the basic knowledge that very one has heard of... but there is something else about this Grimoire that no one else has any idea of..."

This made the holder of the four leaf clover perplexed, "Another fact? What is that if I may interject?"

The elder turned his entire form towards Licht, looking straight into the younger's eyes, "There was a prophesy regarding this Grimoire. According to the prophesy, there will be a time when this Grimoire would be blessed to a mortal being of this world. It was revealed that the mortal being who would be bestowed of the universal Grimoire would be deeply loved by mana and the people around them. Legend has it, that this Grimoire would one day be given to a certain mortal being, who would bring peace among everyone around them. They will have immense power to do anything. Whatever they wish."

Hearing that made Licht awe, "That's sound like really tough responsibility to whomever receives this Grimoire. But what do I have to do with this...?

The elder laughed, "Youthful boy, I called you here because all the signs matches you!"


"Yes! Yes! all of it!"

"But elder! I already have a Grimoire." Licht presented his Grimoire as he took it out of his waist bag, "Surely you must be mistaken regarding this. This sounds all so blasphemy!"

"Hmm perhaps... or it could possibly mean that universal Grimoire doesn't wish to reveal your true identity." The elder began to roam around, "There have been many legends regarding this particular Grimoire. It's been once stated that this legend can come in any forms if it wishes too. And that doesn't mean only in a form of a book. Perhaps a person or another form of object. Though, those things can be considered a way to summon the Grimoire itself."

"But... I feel completely fine. Plus, my Grimoire doesn't feel any strange..."

The elder stopped in his track. He then slowly turned around, giving a hard but an examining look to the braided elf, who couldn't help but feel shrink in his scrutinizing gaze. Just what was he thinking?

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