Chapter 1(the girl with no sights)

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"You live in the forsaken realm of the clover kingdom?"


"You want to participate in the magic knight exams?"


"And your name is...?"


A fifteen year old girl was shown as she stood in front of the registration to register herself for the magic knight exam. She had long wavy strawberry blonde hair that comes till her bottom waist. Her face was diamond shaped with her white skin and light emerald eyes that seemed dull, showing no light or vision.

She wore a plain white frock that came till her bottom knee. She wore a white trouser underneath her dress that came till her upper part of her ankle.

the man in the registration table looks at the girl closely in curious, "Are you sure you're fifteen? You look short to be one."

"I'm short." she simply replied, giving no further elaboration.

The man wrote her name and asked, "Can you show me your Grimoire?"

The short height girl gave him her Grimoire. It was pink and white in colour, with light shades of gold in it. it also had a small design of four leaves in the middle. It had strange musical note patterns in dark pink.

The man gasped as he scanned her Grimoire, "Is that a four leaf clover?"

Isabella frowned, "I would appreciate if you do not say it out loud. Bragging about it or someone exclaiming about it out loud is something I dislike. I hope you know what I mean."

"Oh no, of course I know what you mean. Thugs would come and take rare Grimoires from other people and sell them. Everyone around are trying to be careful." He then gave her a number, "You are number 166."

She took the number card, "Thank you."

"By the way..." the man spoke, "There was one boy who came before you who had a four leaf clover Grimoire. Are you two related?"

Isabella blinked in confusion, "I have no idea, sir." With that, she walked away.

The magic knight exam ground was huge. Thousands of teenagers and other people were here to take the exams. Isabella only but walked around the ground, looking right straight ahead.

Isabella soon stopped as she heard a boy exclaiming so excitedly about becoming the next wizard king. Through her strange visions, she sent out her waves, to which she identified a boy that looked a bit taller than her. The boy had wild hairs. She noticed the voice of the anti magic birds flickering around him. They were hundreds of them! This boy does not have magic.

I can't feel any Mana in him. But he sounds so sure of him. She thought.

"Hey there!"

She turned to see the same magic less boy greeting her. In reality, the boy had has green eyes and messy, ash blond hair with a single strand protruding upwards from the center of his head. He keeps his hair together with a red headband.

His outfit consists of a plain-white tunic with a V-shaped collar underneath a dark blue jacket whose sleeves extend only up to his elbows. He sports a pair of matching shorts which has a stitch marks on the left side. His pant also extends just below his knees. His shoes are made out of two different cloths, the parts covering his ankles, the soles the same color as his jacket and pants. The parts covering his toes are white, a vertical stitch mark going from the bridge to his toes.

"I'm Asta. Nice to meet you." He brought his hand out to shake her hand.

Being polite, she bowed to him, bewildering the boy. The birds flickering around him beginning to separate from him, surprising him further.

Soon a boy taller than them came towards them. He is a young man of average height with a lean build, amber eyes, and messy black hair. His outfit consists of a pitch-black shirt with a high collar and long sleeves. He wears light brown pants that are cut below his knees and, around his waist, a pair of brown belts that cross each other. Additionally, he wears a pair of dark-colored socks and a pair of boots. He carries his Grimoire in a pouch strapped at his right-hand side of his waist.

He joined Asta, staring at Isabella. His breath hitched a little after feeling the girl's Mana. This girl... her Mana's strong.

Isabella smiled, "nice meeting you, my name is Isabella."

"I'm Yuno..." the tall boy spoke, "I can feel the Mana in you. You are very strong. Even the birds don't come near you."

Isabella just gave a sincere smile looking at Yuno with her blind eyes, "Yes. Although, I wished to have these birds around me as well. As a little girl I always loved to play with them." She then thought something, "Oh! I know!" '

She then cleared her throat and began to sing:

Sweet creature

Asta and Yuno gasped at her angelic voice.

Had another talk about where it's going wrong

But we're still young
We don't know where we're going
But we know where we belong

The birds began to flicker around and began to come close to Isabella.

And oh we started
Two hearts in one home

The other contestants look in awe at Isabella and the birds coming near her. a bright aura around the short girl and the anti magic birds.

It's hard when we argue

"Hey!" one contestant pointed out, "these birds are coming near that girl!"

"What a pretty girl!" one contestant awed.

We're both stubborn
I know, but oh

"She must have a lot of mana for those anti magic birds to come to her."

Sweet creature, sweet creature
Wherever I go, you bring me home
Sweet creature, sweet creature
When I run out of road, you bring me home

The other contestants began to clap at her singing. An anti magic bird sat on Isabella's shoulder. She smiled, petting it lightly while the bird leaned at her touch. She holds onto the bird within her hands.

"Now, go ahead and join your friends!"

The anti magic bird chipped happily. She gave it a boost and it flew up in sky.

She then turned to Asta, who was staring at her for a while, "is something the matter?"

Asta snapped in realization, "Oh no! It's nothing! But man do you have a beautiful voice." His eyes began to sparkle, "So cool!"

Isabella gave a small smile, "Thank you."

But..." he then gave a questioning look, "But your eyes... they seem so..." Asta tries to find the words to describe.

"Dead." Yuno bluntly replied.

"Hey! Quit it, Yuno!"

"No, its okay..." they turned to see the girl gave an enigmatic smile, "I get that a lot. Not many people can tell though, but..."

"... I'm blind."


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